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Get ready for the September Siesta

If you were following me this summer, you most likely saw postings of my epic road trip adventure and art tour. Along with my husband, Weston, we hit the road and headed north for 4 weeks to escape some of the heat here in Tucson.

We left Tucson at the end of June, visiting friends and family, along the way to my art fairs and gallery meetings- taking us through New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, our home state of Minnesota, and then back again. It was quite the ride. We finally returned home at the end of July.

With such a whirl-wind adventure, we hoped to have a good week or at least a few days to settle back into daily life. But instead it's been GO MODE since we got back! I've had orders to fill, and planning for the fall/winter season of art fairs here in the Southwest! The last month has flown by, in the blink of an eye (oh hey, that rhymed!).

Looking to the near future, turns out EVERYTHING is happening in September this year, so I'm taking a small siesta from custom orders, art fairs, and all that jazz in order to get caught up and ready to go-go-go again this fall! I'll also be working and shopping at an upcoming gem show next month- this is a great time to get in your custom requests!

Here's some info and a few things you can expect for September:

Custom Orders

  • Current Orders: If you've already submitted info for your custom designs, you are good to go! I'll be picking up special items and supplies at the September Gem Show and working on your jewelry to get those goodies out to you before the end of Sept.

  • NEW Orders (by Sept 3rd): If you've been looking to have something custom made- NOW is the time to let me know what you're looking for! During the Sept Gem Show I'll have access to specialty items and hard to find stones. This will be the last gem show of the year (next one in Feb!), so think about those custom designs and Holiday gifts you've had in mind and get in touch with me by/before September 3rd! I won't be taking custom requests again until October 1st.

  • New Orders (starting Oct): If you don't get your custom request to me in time for the Sept gem show, have no fear! I'm always on the lookout for interesting items to add to my supply stash. Just keep in mind if you're looking for a very specific stone, I may not have it in my stash. I have my contacts to order from, but I tend to prefer picking pieces in person, and gem shows always have the best prices- which I get to pass on to you. Just recently I looked to order items I've picked up at the gem show, only to find they were three times the amount I normally get them for. Just an FYI!

Website Updates

  • Web-store: The web-store is a little low right now, but all items listed are available for purchase and will be shipped within a day or two after receiving your order and payment. I've got a few items I'll be listing during my September Siesta session, and you can even expect to see some items get listed into the SALE section. Make sure you're following me on Social Medias to keep up-to-date on that!

  • Mailing List: I've been seeing many of you joining my mailing list lately- thank you!! Getting that moving and shaking is a goal on my to-do list for September as well. If you want to be the first to know about new listings, sales, events and more- I encourage you to sign up now! You can find the sign-up on my home page.

  • Blog: When I did the big switch to the new website, there was no easy way to switch over all my blog postings. I've been trying to manually re-post them all, but when busy times hit- it's the last thing on my mind! I'm hoping to get them all re-posted and maybe even a few new blog posts. So let's keep our fingers crossed!

  • Events: I've already got a few art fairs and events lined up for the fall/winter season, so expect to see that info soon- both on the website and on social medias!

Local Shops & Galleries

  • Where to Buy Locally: I've added a few new stockists to my list, so make sure you're in the know on where to find my designs locally!

  • Shop & Gallery owners: If you already stock my designs in your shop, or if you've been thinking about it for the future/Holidays- now would be a good time to connect with me about designing a collection for you!

That's about all the news I have for you right now! Thank you all for the fab times this summer and giving me the opportunity to do what I love doing. I can't wait to get working on new collections for you soon!

- Christina Holland

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