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New Collection for the Tucson Desert Art Museum & the Crooked Collaboration Photo shoot

Crooked Collaboration Photoshoot (Tucson, AZ).

Sometime in the Fall of 2019 I received an invitation to showcase my jewelry designs at the Tucson Desert Art Museum for approximately 2 weeks during the Tucson Gem Show. It was the gem show itself that first brought me to Tucson, some 15+ years ago, so it felt like coming full circle to showcase my new desert inspired collection.

In was a curious coincidence that while I was physically making this collection that my partner, Weston, was brainstorming with his co-worker Kensy at Crooked Tooth Brewing about photographing and filming my designs to make me a video! It was this moment of perfect timing that gave way to a most excellent collaborative photo shoot, bringing together local makers and shakers for what we do best!

The Crooked Collaboration Photo Shoot Crew

Wardrobe: LA Fashion Snob

Hair & Makeup: Belle Starr Salon (Hair: Cass, MilyKim; Makeup: Michelle)

Photographer: Weston Holland

Videographer: Kensy Apodaca


This Tucson community brings an amazing energy to the table, proving that we can choose to support, encourage, and collaborate; not competition.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my latest collection!!

- Christina Holland

Here's a few of my favorite behind the scenes shots.....

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