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New Collection for the Tucson Desert Art Museum & the Crooked Collaboration Photo shoot

Crooked Collaboration Photoshoot (Tucson, AZ).

Sometime in the Fall of 2019 I received an invitation to showcase my jewelry designs at the Tucson Desert Art Museum for approximately 2 weeks during the Tucson Gem Show. It was the gem show itself that first brought me to Tucson, some 15+ years ago, so it felt like coming full circle to showcase my new desert inspired collection.

Join me for my artist reception on Saturday, Feb 1st from 1pm to 4pm (click for info).

In was a curious coincidence that while I was physically making this collection that my partner, Weston, was brainstorming with his co-worker Kensy at Crooked Tooth Brewing about photographing and filming my designs to make me a video! It was this moment of perfect timing that gave way to a most excellent collaborative photo shoot, bringing together local makers and shakers for what we do best!

The Crooked Collaboration Photo Shoot Crew

Jewelry: Christina Holland Designs

Wardrobe: LA Fashion Snob

Hair & Makeup: Belle Starr Salon (Hair: Cass, MilyKim; Makeup: Michelle)

Models: Andrea Mendola, Erica Blank

Photographer: Weston Holland

Videographer: Kensy Apodaca

Location: Crooked Tooth Brewing Co.


This Tucson community brings an amazing energy to the table, proving that we can choose to support, encourage, and collaborate; not competition.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my latest collection!!

- Christina Holland

Here's a few of my favorite behind the scenes shots.....

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