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Canceled Spring Markets bring HUGE website restock!

What's a small business jeweler to do when the upcoming Spring market season has been canceled due to Covid-19? Get creative, that's what!

Hi Friends, what wild times we're living in right now! The past 24-48 hours have made my head spin as I've watched all the markets, events, trips & concerts I've been excited & planning for get canceled or postponed due to concerns of Covid-19. More thoughts below, but I know what you really want to know about is my shop restock!

New designs are being uploaded & listed to my website as I type! I've been prepping my stock for the spring markets, so there's A LOT of new jewelry heading to my site- it might take a couple days it get through it all so keep checking back. As a thank you to everyone that has already ordered or reached out asking how to help cushion the income loss from the canceled markets & lost booth fees, I've got a few deals I'm offering now through the end of March (at least).

- ALL orders will receive Free Shipping anywhere in the US

- Orders of $50+ upgraded from First Class to Priority Shipping

- Orders of $100+ will receive one FREE pair of Hammered Hoops up to $26 value

*** I'm also back tracking on orders that came before I decided upon these perks, don't worry- I got you.

Also, just to put your mind at ease,I'm taking some extra steps to maintain a clean studio & office space, but if you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

- All jewelry is cleaned and polished, then stored in small plastic zip lock bags.

- Washing my hands A LOT, as well as before I process and package any order.

- I already work to not touch my face/eyes/mouth/nose due to metal dust, cleaning/polishing agents, etc... but I'm double-downing on my methods.

- Regular disinfecting of mine & my partners cell phones, computer key pad, door handles, etc.. We tend to keep a pretty clean house/workspace regardless.


While markets and events might be canceled, many small brick & mortar businesses are staying open and maintaining extra levels of cleanliness to keep themselves and you safe, while still providing jobs to their staff and opportunities for makers like me to show and sell their work. If you're feeling healthy- consider stopping in your local mom & pop shops, pick up a gift card or two to gift or enjoy later, while helping those small business keep their doors open NOW.

Please take a moment to check out my Stockist page to see where you might be able to shop locally or through their websites, many are happy to ship!


While looking to the future of what is normally a busy spring market season, and wondering how I'll ride this out with markets bringing in the bulk of my income as a full-time small business jeweler, I think the hard decisions to cancel markets and events is the correct and responsible choice to make.

We're all only as strong and protected as the most vulnerable in our communities- practicing social distancing to do our part to keep our elderly, immune compromised, and otherwise at risk community members safe and healthy. I myself have health issues that put me at a higher risk of handling this virus, and know the importance of keeping myself healthy or distancing for people with compromised immune systems while they battle cancer and other serious illnesses.

Let's not complicate or add unnecessary risk to anyone else's battle.

It was all these things in mind when I made the call to NOT participate in this weekend's Spring Market at the Tucson Museum of Art. As event after event was shut down throughout the city of Tucson, and across the state as far out as the end of April. Our mayor issued a statement urging all events with expected attendance of 50+ people to cancel/postpone, I expected to hear that the museum was also doing the same to keep our community safe... However they chose to continue the market. I have never once withdrawn from a market once I've signed up and paid my booth fees- I'm stubborn and I power through even when things feel hopeless. But with mine and others health concerns in mind, I couldn't justify taking that risk this weekend. I'm sad that I won't see my regulars at the event and of course I worry about what that loss of income means for me- I still know I made the correct choice.

(Not to mention I have a birthday quickly approaching -April 4th- and while it might be a quieter celebration that I would like- I'd at the very least like to feel well for it.)

I'll be laying low at home for the next couple weeks as we see how this unfolds, using this time and my privilege to work from home to do all the website and office needs that tend to get lowest priority on my list. Working on new ideas I haven't had time to do, and planning (virtually) with my fellow makers and shakers on upcoming collaboration projects. When Life gives you Lemons.....

Wrapping this up I just want to add- please be kind and compassionate out there, these are weird times and we can all afford to be a little nicer to our friends and neighbors.

Thanks again for all your support!

~ Christina Holland ~

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