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Stone Focus: A Guide to Gemstone Properties

This Guide to Gemstone properties is a work in progress and will be updated from time to time. If you have wisdom you'd like to share about your favorite gemstone, feel free to contact me.

Black Onyx

  • Healing Properties : Strength * Promotes Wise decision making * Self-Confidence * Emotional support in times of stress * Prevents energy drain * Transforms negative energies * Balance * Self-Control *

  • Chakra : Base Chakra

  • Birthstone : Leo

  • Sign : Gemini, Leo

  • Element : Earth

  • Planet : Saturn


  • Healing Properties : A stone for new beginnings * Inner Growth & Strength * Nurturing & Soothing * Calmness * Inspiration * To aid in Childbirth * Love

  • Chakra : Third Eye, Sacral, & Crown Chakras

  • Birthstone : June

  • Sign : Cancer, Libra, Scorpio

  • Element : Water

  • Planet : Moon

Tourmaline Quartz

(aka Tourmalinated Quartz)

  • Healing Properties : Grounding * Combined power of Quartz & Tourmaline * Symbol of Unity * Problem-solver stone * Absorbs negative energy & cleanses * Balance *

  • Zodiac : Libra, Capricorn, Scorpio

  • Birthstone : Libra birthstone

  • Planet :Pluto

  • Element : Earth

  • Chakra : Third Eye

Physical and Mental/Emotional

  • Helps one to control compulsive & obsesses behaviors.

  • Detoxes the body & helps ease digestive ailments.

  • Connects your mind & spirit to the moment, eases worries of tomorrow or trauma of the past.

Communication and Creativity

  • By lifting the power of negativity, it can help you remove toxic people & environments from your life.

  • Problem solver stone, by focusing your issue into the stone, the balancing power of Tourmaline & Quartz bring about positive solutions.

Spiritual and Meditation

  • Use in healing sessions by allowing the Tourmaline to absorb negative energies, while the Quartz cleanses and restores positive energy.

  • Powerful shield stone, converting negative energies into positive for the wearer, or returning the negative energy like a mirror.

  • Balances Yin/Yang energies by harmonizing opposite elements.

Home & Work Vibes

  • Neutralizes toxicity in your environment & brings a grounding effect.

  • Often seen as a symbol of unity, keep on you or in your home to radiate your message.

Quartz Crystal

the “Master Healer”

Birthstone: All Birthstones

Anniversary: 3rd

Zodiac: All Birth Signs

Planet: Sun & Moon

Element: All Elements; Earth, Air, Fire, Water

Chakra: Crown/7th Chakra, enhances all other chakras.

Physical and Mental/Emotional

  • Stimulates new energy & clarity to the mind.

  • Eases emotional struggles & dispels negative energies.

  • Charges the immune system, bringing the body into balance.

  • Helpful for chronic fatigue, arthritis, depression & pain.

Communication and Creativity

  • Aids in concentration, helping to retain information learned.

  • Recharges your inspiration & boosts creativity.

  • Amplifies communication across the mental, spiritual & physical planes.

Spiritual and Meditation

  • Clear Quartz connects to the 7th/Crown Chakras, but harmonizes with all the chakras.

  • Program your Crystal by holding it in the palm of your hand, focusing on your intensions.

  • Use Quartz as an element in Feng Shui by placing a crystal in a window. The Sun and Moon will radiate positive energy throughout the room.



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