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Black Lives Matter + Minneapolis Protests + Listen to BIPOC: Another list of places to donate, educa

Black Lives Matter

*This post will be ongoing & updated to add links and other resources with a goal of amplifying and raising more awareness of the injustice and racism BIPOC face, ways we can help them/their communities, and places to educate ourselves to become better & stronger allies.

**You'll see lots of links to places in Tucson/Arizona & Minneapolis/Minnesota because those are my two home (home state MN, current home AZ) & where most of my followers are from. If you'd like me to add your city/state's organization or a list to BIPOC businesses; or if you have another good resource you'd like to share, please contact me with the details.


I acknowledge my privilege as a white woman and believe it's important to use the platform I have to spread these messages. No longer can we white people stay silent, to be silent is to be complicit to the racism and hatred of BIPOC. We must take a look deep inside ourselves, get uncomfortable and learn from it. Our words mean nothing if we are not showing up with our bodies and our actions. I personally have so much more to learn and work on to be a better human. You don't need my words or feelings, you need to follow these links below to READ and LISTEN to the stories of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. They have been telling you their stories for years, are you willing to open your hearts and minds to listen?

Organizations, Causes, Where to Donate

Books, Articles, Education

Support Businesses of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color

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