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Desert Sunset Photo Session with the Hollands

When my husband Weston (Weston Holland Photography) went out into the desert to do a sunset portrait session with our friend Michele Holland, I asked her if I could tag along and bring some accessories. I am so glad she said yes and I went on along this magical lil' adventure- LOOK at these photos!!

I had just finished making the Green Mountain Jade + Brass earrings earlier that day and thought they paired so nicely with the Brass Elements statement necklace in Green Labradorite. (Michele's cuff bracelets are from her personal Christina Holland Designs collection).

Where Weston and I live on the far west side of Tucson is very near the Saguaro National Park area. With it's dramatic landscape you can pretty much go in any direction and find amazing locations for a backdrop. We met up just before sunset so we could capture that perfect golden hour lighting.

Weston and I have worked with Michele before in shoots and we love how a bit of her theatre background seem to come out, often getting into character and being outgoing with movements and posing. You've definitely seen her strong side from previous photo shoots, so it was really fun to get to see her softer side during this portrait session- although there's still some shots from this shoot that stop me short of breath for their almost cinematic qualities.

Desert Sunset Portrait of Michele Holland by Weston Holland Photography and Jewelry by Christina Holland Designs

You may have noticed while reading this- we all have the same last name, Holland! But Weston and I aren't related to Michele- or maybe we just don't know it. Not long after we moved to Tucson I met Michele at one of the local art markets and we got to talking about our shared last name. It was one of those kismet moments when you meet someone and you're like "hey, we're friends now, cool?" except is was kind of like "we're family now cool? The Tucson Holland family".

Desert Sunset Portrait of Michele Holland by Weston Holland Photography and Jewelry by Christina Holland Designs

There were over 200 beautiful photographs from this shoot and while there are many gorgeous jewelry shots, this session was planned as an individual portrait session. You'll want to make sure you're following Weston Holland Photography on his social media profiles to catch more images of this magical desert moment. And who knows, maybe you want to book a desert magic session with him too!

Model: Michele Holland


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