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Elemental Essentials December Box- Reflections

jewelry by Christina Holland Designs. Ritual kit by the Ninth House Shop. Pocket mirrors with artwork by Creative Kismet.
Elemental Essentials December Box: Reflections

We made it friends, it's the end of December and the light at the end of the tunnel for one of the most challenging years is in site. As 2020 comes to a close, along with some big astrological events, it feels as though many of us are eagerly awaiting 2021 to bring us the big changes we're been hoping for. But before we jump into the New Year let us pause for a moment and take a time to reflect on the journey we have taken this year.


The December Elemental Essentials "Reflections" Collection is here to give you a reason to slow down and find space to look reflect on how you have grown or changed throughout the ups and downs that was 2020.

This month I did a variation of one of my favorite styles, the Sticks & Stones earrings. When I first created this style I used all kinds of metals- brass, copper, silver, even some in steel after I found a few steel rods in my Dad's garage back in my Minnesota days. At some point I refined this style and now I typically only make it in Sterling or 14k Gold fill.

With more time on my hands this season not set up at the local holiday markets, I spent some time reflecting back at my body of work over the years and decided to revisit this style in Brass and Copper for the Reflections Collection.

2020 has been a year like no other and I've caught myself reviewing not only this year as it closes, but other years farther back- bringing forward a lot of feelings and old memories. Some memories are still fresh and crisp in my mind, others grow slowly fuzzy and distant.

With those thoughts flowing in my mind this month I was pulled to create rustic, weathered textures in the metals for the earrings paired with some of my favorite healing gemstones because let's be real, we all need some healing this year.

You can find most of the gemstones used in this collection on my Gemstone Focus blog post (it's a work in progress, so if you don't see the stone you're looking for- send me a message here and I'll get the write up for you!).


I knew from day one of planning the Elemental Essentials boxes that I wanted to share the work of one of my favorite local artist with you, Regina Lord of Creative Kismet.

Regina's attention to all the small details in her artwork make it feel layered and textured, I want to keep looking in... That's why I chose her pocket mirrors for the Reflections Collection- what a lovely invitation to look in and reflect.

You can also incorporate these mirrors into this months intention ritual kit from the Ninth House too.


One of the most powerful intention kits to date crafted by local proprietress and dear friend, Melisa of the Ninth House Shop. The Reflections kit invites you to pause and look within with a guided ritual so that we can reflect on ourselves over the last year, to see it clearly before moving forward to 2021.

Mirror Work | Reflections kit includes:

  • 1x Selenite stone to unblock energy & see clearly.

  • 1x Blue candle for wisdom & communication.

  • 1x Reflections Ritual Kit by the Ninth House.


Accompanying the Reflections Collection this month is a special season herbal bundle of: Eucalyptus, Creosote, Rosemary, Cinnamon, & dried Citrus.

Everything in this bundle aside from the cinnamon stick was grown and harvested from my homestead and lovingly created with the help of my partner in life and love, my husband Weston Holland.


I'll have just two bonus Elemental Essentials "Reflections" boxes available for purchase on the Winter Solstice: Monday, December 21st at 10am MST/Tucson.

Take a look at the complete Reflections Collections...


Each month I select a different organization to donate 10% of my monthly profits.

For December I chose the Eon Youth Lounge.

Profits from the Elemental Essentials Box are included in that donation.


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