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Elemental Essentials January Box- Foundations

Hammered Hoops by Christina Holland Designs. Foundations Intention Ritual by the Ninth House Shop. Hand-dyed Altar Cloth by Agave Pantry.
Elemental Essentials January Box: Foundations

Here we are 2021 and January has brought some welcome changes, adding a collective sigh of relief across the US these days. While some of the extreme pressure has been lifted from our shoulders, it's not the time to turn our backs on the road ahead. The journey never ends my friends, we must always strive to keep moving forward and working on ourselves. After the last year we've had, join me in finding strength and setting your Foundations for the coming year.


The January Elemental Essentials "Foundations" Collection invites you to set aside time to create a calm, stable Foundation for yourself and the building blocks of your future.

The perfect time is now.

My Hammered Hoops earrings are one of the foundations of my jewelry designs. Hand-formed and hammered in my studio, creating the structure on which to build on and making each pair one of a kind.

I used my medium sized Hammered Hoops in Brass and Copper for this collection- it's small enough to be worn comfortably all day, but big enough to make a statement. Hoops are one of my favorites accessories that can give me a boost to feel empowered and strong.

Each pair has a unique pattern with hand-wrapped gemstones, some with chains and fringe, and some without.

No two are identical.


To start things off for 2021 I wanted an artist item we could lay our foundations down and build from.

While Shazieh of Agave Pantry is known around Tucson for her amazing baked goods and finishing salts (we can't get enough Piquant salt!), I've often been enamored with her hand-dyed Indigo textiles and ceramic items as well. I asked her if she could create us an altar cloth to build our foundations for the year and give us a compliment to the intention rituals created each month.

While many of my subscribers and customers partake in setting up an altar space when setting their intentions- if this does not call you to you please explore other options for the beautiful indigo cloth, such as a bandana or scarf, a table cloth, or a wall textile.


The Foundations Ritual from the Ninth House Shop was the perfect grounding energy I needed to start the year. This kit works with creating a crystal grid to help amplify your intentions.

Within you'll receive:

  • 1x Petrified Wood stone for grounding, protection, & stability.

  • 4x Small Quartz Crystal points to amplify.

  • 1x Brown candle for stability.

  • 1x Foundations Ritual Scroll.

Most months I like send along an herbal addition to the box from my personal apothecary- most of which has been grown and harvest right from my gardens, or purchased from one of my trusted sources. Just a little something to compliment the intentions for each month. I've always felt drawn to Eucalyptus and it has become a staple in my rituals due to the beautiful, mature trees that grow on the grounds of our

home in the Sonoran Desert of Tucson, AZ.

I began drying some of the larger leaves flat so I could enscribe them with my intentions before sending them off in the flames- this Fire sign loves the crackle the dried leaves makes as they set off their own magick, and I thought you might too! This month I included a few dried Eucalyptus leaves in each box like the ones in the image above.

*If you do burn them in your ritual, please take proper fire safety precautions, burn in a fire safe dish, crack a window or go outside- safety first friends!

Eucalyptus properties: Calms the mind bringing mental clarity. Aids the respiratory system, promote healing and growth. Because of it's strong protection energy it helps to ward off enemies and repel evil.


I have to give a shout out to our friend Sarah Schille who created the new and official Elemental Essentials logo shown here. She also created the circular version you've probably already seen on my site.

Her attention to the details of the textures and stamps I use in my designs by adding some of those symbols to the lettering takes this above and beyond perfect for me.

Each box this month will get one of these shimmery holographic stickers.


I'll have just a couple bonus Elemental Essentials "Foundations" boxes available for purchase on next week: Wednesday, January 27th at 10am MST/Tucson.

Here's a look at the entire Foundations Collection:


Each month I select a different organization to donate 10% of my monthly profits.

For January I chose: Old Pueblo Community Services.

Profits from the Elemental Essentials Box are included in that donation.


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