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Elemental Essentials June Box- Whole (the Final Box!)

Hammered Hoops Necklaces by Christina Holland Designs. Whole Essential Oil roller by Ace of Cups Essentials. I am Whole Ritual kit by The Ninth House.
Elemental Essentials June Box- Whole

A year ago in June I was about to release a special monthly subscription with the first Elemental Essentials Box "New Beginnings" to debut on July 1st 2020. I didn't know it at the time how special and magical these boxes would be, but over these 12 months something incredible happened... My inbox filled up with personal stories and messages that the themes to the boxes often showed up just when the subscribers needed it most.

The Elemental Essentials Box was born from a need of Connections in a time we felt disconnected, offering some Heart and reminders to check your Foundations, recognize your own Strength, and take time for Reflections,

June brings us full circle, a Whole year of Elemental Essentials experiences and

with it the completion of the subscription boxes.


As the year of Elemental Essentials drew to it's close, I thought of all the love and intentions put into each box and I had a sense of Wholeness. We had taken this year long adventure together, welcomed more Nature into our spaces and expanded our Dreams. I saw all of the intention rituals, symbols in the artists work and how that left it's Impressions on my wearable metals and gems. It felt loved, supported, held- Whole.

With the theme of Whole in sight, this oval shaped Hammered Hoops pendant came to mind. I envisioned cupping my hands together to hold all that I learned and experienced- the Whole of it- in my hands and close to my heart.

I wanted this pendant to fit comfortably into your hand so you could hold it close while practicing your intention ritual and carry those feelings with you, feeling Whole.

I chose to make each pendant from Red Creek Jasper, each stone uniquely it's own, but each one part of a Whole.

It's healing properties only further brought all the intentions together:

Jasper is often considered the "Supreme Nurturer", supporting one through times

of stress to bring tranquility and Wholeness.


The artist item in this month's box comes from local magick maker Julie Barbier Bularzik's Ace of Cups Essentials.

10ml roller bottle of "Whole" essentials oils blend by Ace of Cups Essentials.

Julie's specialty essential oil blends were the right bit of magick to June's Whole theme this month and the universe's way of connecting all the stars in just the perfect way.

Each box comes with a 10ml roller bottle in Whole, an intoxicating blend of Copaiba, Lavender, Vetiver +

Hawaiian Sandalwood.

Whole will linger delicately on you, reminding you that "you are safe + already have everything you need within you"


The I AM WHOLE RITUAL from The Ninth House is the perfect sentiment for rounding out one Whole year of Elemental Essentials boxes.

Each I AM WHOLE RITUAL includes:

1x Shiva Lingam stone. An egg shaped stone that only comes from one place in the Whole world- the Narmada River in Western India. This stone represents the union and balance of healthy masculine and feminine energies.

1x Candle in one of the many shades of the rainbow, representing one piece of the collective Whole.

1x I AM WHOLE RITUAL Scroll with a self-guided meditation ritual.


In addition to the Whole oil blend and the I AM WHOLE RITUAL, I created a special herbal + epsom salts ritual soak to make sure the Whole of you is being supported and cared for. You can add this to your bath water or enjoy a soothing foot soak.

Made with Epsom Salts, Baking Soda + Coconut Oil, fresh Rosemary from my garden, dried Rose petals and Chamomile to relax and sooth, Eucalyptus to clam and detox, and a touch of Creosote to heal.

*please do NOT ingest, external use only.


The last year of Elemental Essentials boxes has been so amazing on many different levels and has helped me expand myself on my own journey, honoring my Origins while encouraging my Growth.

I'll have just TWO Bonus Boxes from the Whole Elemental Essentials Collection, available for purchase this Wednesday, June 23rd 10am Tucson time.

View the Whole Collection below:

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