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Elemental Essentials: New Beginnings

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Handcrafted earrings by Christina Holland Designs
Elemental Essentials: New Beginnings Collection (July 2020)

Now that all the subscriber boxes have been delivered, it's time to unveil the collection for the first ever Elemental Essentials Box as well as let you in a surprise & a giveaway!

As I started building the foundations for what the Elemental Essentials Box would be, a feeling of New Beginnings continued to tap me on the shoulder. 2020 did not bring about the year I had thought it would be and months of plans were canceled or postponed, business as usual stopped abruptly. Not only did a faceless virus shift our lives, but wounds from years and years of racial inequality burst open to shock our souls to the core. From every corner of the globe it feels like the universe is screaming at us to make changes and there's a sense that perhaps we are on the path to New Beginnings.

New Beginnings for me means adjusting to the ways I operated before, both business wise and in my personal life. Creating the Elemental Essentials Box as a monthly subscription gives me the direction and routine that my usual market life gave me. It also calls on me to be more vocal on the ways I make a difference in combating racism and inequality in my life. One of the ways I'm doing that is by donating 10% of not only every Elemental Essentials box that sells, but every single sale my business receives.

For the month of July I have chosen the NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund.

With the feeling of New Beginnings on my mind, I reached out to one of my dearest friends Melisa, the proprietress of the Ninth House shop here in Tucson to collaborate on this first box. Launching a NEW project adventure with the boxes, a NEW chapter for myself to be a better activist/ally, a literal NEW beginning- it felt only natural to collaborate with a place that opened many new doors for me to connect with friends and a community I didn't even know I needed. Melisa created a beautiful and simple ritual experience to help us all on our path to New Beginnings, with a candle to light your way, a crystal to amplify your message, and a gemstone to carry to help keep you on your path.

She kindly included one of these ritual experiences for me, which I incorporated into assembling the boxes and preparing them for their journey to the subscribers. This created an extra element of love, positivity, and strength from me, to you. This was one of those moments that wasn't planned in how I would build these subscription boxes, but one that I will now continue to practice with each box every month.

I have elected to keep the boxes to a limited amount of 12 per month, but I will always plan to make just a few extra, just in case. Extras in case of loss or damage while shipping, extras in case I'm not pleased with the outcome of the piece I made, extras just because that's how I roll. What this means is I hope to have at least 1-2 boxes at the end of each month available for a one-time purchase, and maybe even a monthly giveaway- because we can all do a little something extra to add something good in the world.

That being said, this box below will be available for a one-time box purchase (not a subscription) on Sunday, July 26th at 10am PST.

Elemental Essentials:

Turquoise & handcrafted Brass earrings

+ The Ninth House ritual w/candle & crystals shown here

+ Creosote bundle lovingly crafted from my home to yours.

Now, the details for the giveaway of this box shown below.

Elemental Essentials:

Malachite & hand-crafted Copper earrings

+ The Ninth House ritual w/candle & crystals shown here

+ Creosote bundle lovingly crafted from my home to yours.

As a way to give back to all you lovely people I want to send this box to someone out there that is doing something kind or courageous, something good and from the heart or otherwise amazing.

To enter, head over to either post on Facebook or Instagram:

  1. Tag someone you know in the comments that fits the description of amazing I described above and tell me what they are doing and why you think they should win this box.

  2. Make sure you're following me: Christina Holland Designs AND my collaborator for this months box: The Ninth House.

*This giveaway is open for entries on Facebook and Instagram now through Saturday (7/25/20 until 11:59pm). I'll announce the winner on Sunday after I see which nomination makes me cry the most 😉💕

(Disclaimer: This giveaway is open to anyone within the continental US & is not connected to Facebook or Instagram in anyway.)

In closing, I'm just so over the moon in love with each pair of earrings I made for this first Elemental Essentials Box, I'd love to introduce to you to the whole New Beginnings family.

The 12 pairs created for the subscription boxes

If you made it this far- Thank you for taking the time to read this and learn more about the Elemental Essentials box. I'm so excited to jump into planning for the August release- details to come next week and available subscriptions will be release August 1st, set your alarms!


Christina Holland


PS- A few of these earrings went to special people like Melisa at the Ninth House, and my sweet Mother-in-Law who encouraged me on this adventure. And of course, one pair stayed with me- to help me along on my New Beginnings.

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