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Elemental Essentials November Box: Strength

Elemental Essentials box by Christina Holland Designs. Handcrafted bangle braclets, strength ritual from the Ninth House, ceramic bowls by StoneWareWolf. Photo by Weston Holland Photography
Elemental Essentials November Box: Strength

As November rolled around this year I knew we would need to find strength to get through this month and the times ahead. I searched for ways to build courage myself as our democracy is put to the test, the pandemic surges on, and now the Holidays are here to add a little more sparkle to things. It's time to find our inner strength and hang on...


The November Elemental Essentials box is here with a special collection of items encouraging you to recognize your own Strength. Helping to honor your journey regardless of how far along you are and mementos to give you reminders of your Strength when you need it most.

Handcrafted & individually stamped Copper and Brass bangle bracelets by Christina Holland Designs. Photo by Weston Holland Photography.
Brass & Copper "Strength" Bangle Bracelets

Bangles bracelets in Copper and Brass, handcrafted by yours truly. Each bracelet is individually stamped and formed by me and no two are alike. To me, the symbols I imprint often represent nature, direction, travel, and the Elements. I always encourage others to find their own connections in the designs.

When you need a reminder of your power, wearing a bracelet can be a helpful visual way to recall your inner Strength. These metals also have their own healing and metaphysical properties.

Brass: Resilience & Protection + Brings out ones Inner Truth + Stimulates Courage.

Copper: Healthy & Healing + Safeguards + Transmission of Essentials.


Handmade ceramic copitas by Julia DeConcini of StoneWareWolf. Photo by Weston Holland Photography.
Ceramic Copitas by StoneWareWolf

This month I connected with one of my local favorite ceramic artists, Julia DeConcini of StoneWareWolf.

Julia's ceramic Copitas can be found among many places in my own home, I'm drawn to their soft yet strong textures and shapes. I use mine to mix small oil blends, hold jewelry, a vessel for spices & salts in my partner's kitchen, and my personal favorite- a bowl to hold my herbal offerings at the altar.

I created this special herbal blend for the November box with herbs that focus on Protection, Wisdom, and Strength.

Herbal Blend: Rosemary, Safflower, Peppermint, Patcholi, Dragon's Blood, Mugwort, Juniper, Bay Leaves.

The Safflower was grown in my own garden and many of the other herbs used in this blend came from my dear friends at The Cart at the Crossroads.

While you can absolutely burn this herbal blend, if you do I recommend using a different fire safe holder than Julia's lovely Copitas. Ceramics are fire safe, but keep in mind the glaze could be permanently affected from burning herbal blends and incense.


Strength ritural kit by Melisa of the Ninth House. Red Candle, Red Jasper, ritural guide.
Strength Ritual from the Ninth House.

Strength Kit by the Ninth House Shop

1x Red Jasper the "Warrior's Stone"

1x Red Candle for Strength, Passion and Inner Fire.

1x Guided Strength Ritual by Melisa, proprietress of the Ninth House.

Each month I lovingly gather and package each Elemental Essentials box using a variation of the same ritual you receive in your box. Sending along a little extra Strength this month from me to you.

You can include your copita, herbal blend, and your bracelet to the Strength setting, allowing your bangle and any other items to be charged with energies of Strength, Resilience, and Courage.


I'll have two bonus Elemental Essentials Strength boxes available for a one-time purchase (not a subscription) on Friday, Nov 27th at 10am MST.

You'll also find a few individual bangles I created along with the Strength Collection available in the shop on Friday. These bonus bangles also embodied the qualities the Strength Collection.

Here's a look at the entire collection, photographed by my talented husband


Each month I select a different organization to donate 10% of my monthly profits.

For November I chose the Warrior Women Project.

Profits from the Elemental Essentials Box are included in that donation.


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