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End of the Year Break

It's been a BUSY year for this busy-body and now, I'm ready for a very well deserved break!

Today I'm tidying up the studio to close it up for a bit, clearing out some emails, and attempting to tie up as many loose ends as I can. Starting today we take our first step into a few weeks of break and low-key activity- after one last market tomorrow of course!

Here's what to expect for the next few weeks:

  • Studio closed starting Friday, Dec 22nd through Tuesday, Jan 2nd

  • CHD will be in low-key mode now through Monday, Jan 15th. That means the shop will be open, but you may find slower processing times on orders, and delayed response times from emails/DMS, etc... My studio will remain closed during this time due to my annual refresh of the space.

  • I will be releasing the Capricorn Collection online during this time, set your reminders for Friday, Jan 5th at 9am. *In-person release Sat 12/23 at Cero.

  • We are planning to be present at our showroom at the Steinfeld during the First Saturday Artwalk event in January and Local pick-up will be available. More info/times TBA.

  • Social Media wise, I'll be scheduling a few posts and checking in but looking forward to a break in posts/content. Delayed response times will also apply to social media DMs.

That's all for now my friends, if I have any changes or updates I'll be sure to drop an edit update here. Thank you for your support and friendship this year- new and old alike, you're presence is a joy and to know you is a gift!


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