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Essentials Elements April Box- Growth

Silver Elements Necklaces by Christina Holland Designs. Growth Ritual by Snail & Wren of The Ninth House.
Elemental Essentials April Box- Growth

Spring is upon us and all around the Earth is waking up, life is sprouting, and the temps are finally feeling warmer. With spring here it's a great time to set some intentions for the year. I've always liked to think of Spring as the true "New Year", the time when we brush off the winter and usher in new life and new beginnings. Of course, I would think of it that way since my birthday falls in April and the astrological sign of Aries is the beginning of the zodiac. If you've never connected with a New Years resolution or maybe you've had a slow go with your intentions this year, this is a great time to refresh- I invite you to plant some seeds of your own and the Growth you'd like to inspire in your life.


It was a big year for Growth for me this year- in early April I welcomed in a milestone birthday turning 40 and celebrated with my annual birthday sale! Another area of Growth that has been important for me has been Growth as an Artist- specifically with wanting to work in more soldering and stone setting into my designs. Moving slowly and intentionally through concepts and trials, finding my voice and style to create something that feels in line with my current collections, yet encourages me to continue to grow.

Because April is my birthday month I wanted to do something special for this month's box and knew I wanted to use Sterling Silver for the jewelry right off the bat. I toyed with many ideas, but it wasn't until I remembered that April also holds Earth Day that it all came together. I follow a lot of earth friendly practices in my studio and this was a perfect opportunity to put that to use!

Each pendant in the Growth collection has been 100% hand-fabricated by yours truly and has completely stolen my heart! I fell in love with every one of these tiny, special pieces.

Want to know a little more on how I made them?

First I took all the silver bits I save from creating some of my signature designs & melted it down with my torch into little balls. Each ball was then hammered, torch annealed & then hammered out again. Once I had a nice flat space to work with, I textured each one using some of my favorite antique stamps & hammer tools. Next I carefully soldered on the pendant bail- the little loop at the top that the pendant hangs from.

Add gemstones, a little silver chain and here we have the Silver Elements necklaces of the April Growth Collection, made with Fire & Love!


This month's intention ritual is also a special one as I asked The Ninth House to take it up a notch for April because I wanted to go a little extra for my birthday month!

Included in the Growth Ritual "Our Soul's Garden" you'll awaken:

  • 1x Serpentine tower, a powerful stone that helps to release fear around change, so you look forward w/expectations & excitement.

  • 1x White chime candled dressed in Hibiscus & Dandelion for Growth.

  • 1x Gold chime candle holder

  • 1x Bottle of Arizona Wildflowers Mix

  • 1x Growth Ritual scroll + instructions for charging & planting your seed mix.

I can't wait to watch you Grow!

To compliment this beautiful ritual I included a fresh herbal bundle of Creosote & Rosemary to refresh and protect you moving forward.

Loving gathered and crafted from our personal property and gardens.


I'll have just TWO Bonus Boxes for the Growth Collection, available as a one-time purchase (not a subscription) on Monday, April 26th at 10AM MST/Tucson time.


Each month I select a different organization to donate 10% of my monthly profits.

For April I chose The Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault : SACASA

Profits from the Elemental Essentials Box are included in that donation.

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