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Gemstone Focus: Cancer Season

It's Cancer season- time to get in touch with your feelings and soak in those soothing waters. I asked my friend and social media coordinator, Chelsea Whitaker (an amazing photographer and Cancer baby who is also having a birthday sale on their site, here!) to tell me about some of their favorite gemstones for Cancer season- keep reading to find out more!


From Chelsea:

Okay, so I've talked about Moonstone a ton. And it's Cancer season, so of course I have to mention it again. But I wanted to bring in some other gemstones that are great for Cancer babies that maybe you didn't know about!

First up, Citrine - this stone is PERFECT for your manifestations this season. Citrine will absorb negative energy surrounding you and keep you grounded.

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Moonstone - we all know this stone is great for connecting with your emotions. Especially during Cancer season, wear this stone to stimulate new beginnings and inspire spiritual growth.

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Amethyst - boost intuition and inner peace with Amethyst. This stone is great to help you with self-reflection and introspection.


And last, but definitely not least, Aquamarine - this stone will help you discover your life purpose and align that purpose with your daily life. An amazing meditative stone, Aquamarine can help you with spiritual awareness.

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What stones will you be wearing this Cancer Season? Will you gift one of these stones to your favorite Cancer babies? Which stone is your favorite? Leave a comment below!

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