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Gemstone Focus: Chrysoprase

Handcrafted silver hoop earrings in an oval shape. Within the hoop lays a line of 3 teardropped shaped Chrysoprase gemstones along with sterling accents and hammered silver stick-fringe.
Sterling Silver Hammered Hoops in Chrysoprase

I don't know many that can resist the draw of Chrysoprase. From its luscious green to yellow tones, or its power to calm, balance, and heal us. If you're looking for a stone that looks stunning and aids in pulling in balance, love, and compassion, Chrysoprase might be just the gemstone for you.


Keywords for Chrysoprase:

Balance, Trust, Nature, Compassion, Hope, Communication, Adaptability, Calming, Stability.

Chrysoprase has the power to calm, balance, and heal us. It opens and activates one's heart, aiding in healing the inner child, unlocks hidden emotions, and eases broken hearts. A true Heart Healer. In these areas, Chrysoprase helps one see clearly- giving personal insight into the past or their current situations, then guiding you to work through difficult experiences so you can release things that may be holding you back. After all, we cannot treat what we are unable or unwilling to see.

Helpful in meditation, Chrysoprase balances and pulls in Universal energies while giving us a sense of being a part of the whole. This stones connects us to the natural world, opening pathways to communicate with nature and the Earth.

Work with this gemstone in your relationship- both personal and in business as it encourages loyalty, faithfulness, security, and trust. Chrysoprase opens the heart to giving and receiving love. It's optimistic, unconditional, and accepting. It will also stimulate mental clarity so that you think clearly before speaking- allowing us to communicate with compassion and with non-judgemental actions.

This stone is really all about Love. Encouraging you to love yourself, love others, love our Earth, opening oneself up to forgiveness and compassion. Chrysoprase can open your mind to new things and therefore it's excellent in unlocking our talents and boosting creativity. Recognizing and nurturing your talents is a beautiful way to give yourself love.

Chrysoprase also supports general healing and regeneration. It detoxes the mind, transfigures negative feelings. This incredible stone aids those struggling with mental illness and exhaustion. It's good for relaxation, inducing a peaceful sleep, and may even ward off nightmares. It is thought to help ease those that experience claustrophobia. If you are in need of a break, Chrysoprase will help you recharge your mind, body, and spirit.

Optimistic, youthful, and energetic- Chrysoprase is a gemstone that will make you feel nurtured and loved.


Chrysoprase and the zodiac signs (a work in progress):

  • Libra- With it's power to love unconditionally, balance emotions, and see things from a non-judgemental point of view, it's no wonder this stone is connected to Libra. Chrysoprase helps Libras recharge when they feel overloaded, rebalance their energies, and reminds them to give compassion to themselves.

  • Gemini- Our Air Element friends can work with Chrysoprase to help them clear their minds so they can bring clarity to their words. Also aids to balance the inner twins to work in harmony and stability.


  • Birthstone : May or June

  • Zodiac : Gemini, also Libra and Taurus

  • Season: Spring

  • Chakra : Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus, and Sacral

  • Element : Earth

  • Planet : Venus

  • Goddess: Venus, Aphrodite

  • Anniversary: 18th

  • Mohs Hardness Scale: 6 to 7


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