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Gemstone Focus: Gems for Scorpio Season

The Scorpio Collection by Christina Holland Designs consists of a variety of handcrafted jewelry in Sterling Silver, Brass, and Copper. Gemstones used are Obsidian, Citrine, Red Jasper, Malachite, Labradorite, Smoky Quartz, and Opal.
Scorpio Season Collection by Christina Holland Designs

Welcome to the dark side as we dive into the waters of Scorpio season, kissing those airy vibes of Libra season good-bye. Steady yourself with powerful and grounding gemstone jewelry this season and prepare for transformation, truth, and intensity.


Scorpio Season strides onto the playing field on October 23rd and exits on November 21st. Ruled by two planets, Scorpio brings the energies of Mars' strength, drive, and passion into play; and Pluto who rules death, rebirth and transformation. Things can feel a little intense with Scorpio around, they did not come to play, but to urge us to get down and dirty, uncover your shadow side, and shed off the old layers holding you back.

You'll likely feel moved to dive in deep this season- with yourself and others. Surface level relationships won't make the cut, Scorpio wants to dig in and examine memories, emotions, and any hidden feelings. You might find yourself confronting difficult situations with others or coming to terms with your old ways of thinking to find they just don't fit you anymore. Scorpio can be rather possessive and stubborn- so you may feel frustrated if things aren't going your way or how you thought things would be, it's important to stay true to ourselves while also being compassionate to others. Confronting our shadow sides isn't easy, but the outcome is worth the uncomfortable feelings.

Scorpio has no fear of the dark depths of what's inside, use this time to get in touch with yourself and confront your deepest feelings or old parts of you- experience rebirth as you release those old pieces of you to uncover a newly evolved person. Spend time being introspective, dig in and don't be afraid of what you'll uncover- you can use this time to transform yourself. If you've had unspoken issues with someone in your life, get to the bottom of it now during Scorpio season before it blows down the road.

All this intensity and transformation is going to get a massive boost of energy behind them with the entry of eclipse season with a New Moon + Solar Eclipse on October 25th, followed by a Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse on November 8th. Read to the end to find out about a few important dates to look out for during Scorpio Season!

Overall we'll generally all be feeling a little moody and spooky this season, Scorpio brings a sense of mystery and excitement to the air, enticing us with the desire for a little danger. This energy might give you the confidence to have some of those harder conversations, or just a boost to hit up those haunted house attractions. Keep reading to learn more about how certain gemstones can help ignite your spicy side or keep you grounded as you travel the depths of Scorpio season.

Gemstones for Scorpio Season

Citrine: During times of transformation, turn to Citrine to help energize and cleanse every facet of your life. Citrine opens the imagination, stimulates creativity, and give a boost to your confidence and self expression. Also known as a stone of abundance, Citrine attracts success, prosperity, happiness and all good things into your life.

Ciitrine can help by revitalizing the mind, releasing negativity, driving out depression and fears. Emotionally balancing, Citrine boosts the intellect and stimulates the brain, while also promoting self-confidence and motivation.

Wear Citrine during Scorpio season to keep your thoughts and energy positive, blocking out negative or overly self-critical feelings. Protective and full of joy, Citrine will absorb any negative energy around you and keep you grounded- excellent to wear if you need to have a difficult conversation but want to stay calm and compassionate.

Citrine is one of the birthstones for November Scorpios, bringing out their best qualities and their determination, aiding them in achieving whatever they set out to accomplish. Citrine bestows success and good fortune on those who connect with it's energy.


Smoky Quartz: Smoky Quartz is a natural variety of Quartz. The "smoke" is caused by free silicon formations from the silicon dioxide by natural irradiation. (In simple terms, this means the Quartz was naturally affected by radiation, allowing for silicon to form inside the stone). Smoky Quartz carries all of the generic healing properties of Quartz, such as regulating energy, healing of all kinds (known as the "master healer"), and offsetting radiation. In addition, it is a powerful grounding stone, gently neutralizing negative energy and detoxifying on all levels. It can release fear, stress and anxiety, calming your emotions.

If you have been struggling with nightmares, sleep with Smoky Quartz near your bed or under your pillow. This can also help with dream manifestation. Wearing Smoky Quartz can help you feel more grounded and protected.

(This section on Smoky Quartz was written by Chelsea Whitaker)


Obsidian: Strongly protective, Obsidian forms a shield around you to block negativity and tension. Obsidian breaks down mental blockages and stimulates growth on all levels. Promoting truth and balance Obsidian forces us to face ourselves and keeps you grounded as you work though transformative Scorpio season.

Obsidian brings clarity and support during times of change with it's qualities of compassion and strength.

In addition to the properties of Obsidian, turn to Snowflake Obsidian to sooth and balance your mind, body, and spirit. Snowflake Obsidian's calming nature teaches one to value our mistakes as well as our successes, helping us release and transform negative thinking.

Wear Obsidian on Halloween/Samhain to soften the darkness this Scorpio season, and assist with ancestral connections while feeling grounded and protected.


Malachite: Malachite is the perfect stone for Scorpios this season. Malachite helps draw the naturally reclusive Scorpio out of their deep depths and encourages personal growth and power. This stone is a perfect motivator for Scorpios as it can help in finding direction or a true path in times of uncertainty or limbo.

It is said that Malachite also helps Scorpio with interpersonal challenges as well. Being the most secretive and sometimes socially avoidant astrology signs, especially among strangers, Scorpios will find that Malachite opens their heart to others making new interactions with others a little easier. Malachite also enhances willpower and determination.

Malachite being a water stone works perfectly with the water sign of Scorpio; cleansing chakras and absorbing harmful energies.

Wear Malachite this Scorpio season for motivation, direction and protection. Especially helpful during the New Moon + Solar Eclipse as you are shedding stale energies and old habits.


Labradorite: A powerful grounding gemstone, Labradorite can calm an overactive mind, promote courage, and clear anxiety. Once you clear away nervous energy, you can strengthen your faith in yourself and stimulate vitality in your life.

Labradorite loves to revel the truth and give our intuition a boost, allowing us to break up stagnant energy, so we can find what is holding us back. Calling on Labradorite to help bring your dreams to life and aid in dream recall may also uncover messages from ones subconscious allowing us to see things we may not have considered before in a different light.

Wear Labradorite this Scorpio season to banish fear and step into your power. A Labradorite pendant with a bright flash of Blue fire inside can also be used to activate your throat chakra, aiding you in finding your voice & speaking the truth.


Black/Grey Opal: Bringing light and strength to the wearer, Opal shines a light into the darkness as we uncover the mysteries and hidden secrets during Scorpio season. Black Opal can help you face your darkest fears and bring inner peace and clarity during times of heaviness or conflict.

Opal is the October birthstone and the birthstone for Libras and Scorpios. Wear Opal this season to express your true self and dispel fears.

Read more about Opals on the Gemstones for Libra blog, here.


Red Jasper: A gemstone for strength, Red Jasper offers a boost to our endurance and the grounding stability to complete ones goals. Red Jasper stimulates vitality and focus, bringing determination and clarity to your mind.

Red Jasper is a stone to turn to when feeling uninspired. Nurturing our soul it ignites passion, courage, and inner strength. Refreshing your power, Red Jasper reminds you who you are when your confidence is waning.

Wearing Red Jasper helps with grounding when you feel overwhelmed, it enhances your ability to organize and find creative solutions; shining a light on difficult situations. While calming the emotions, Red Jasper can aid you in self-healing as you uncover the depths of your soul during Scorpio season.

Look to Red Jasper to bring your strength and courage during the Full Moon in Taurus + Lunar Eclipse on Nov 8th. This powerful, earthy stone keeps the fire burning within us as we close one door and journey down a new path.


Important Dates for Scorpio Season + Gemstones

Scorpio Season: October 23rd to November 21st

October 25th: New Moon in Scorpio + Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse will supercharge this New Moon and speed things up. You may experience major changes and transformation in your life during this time. Look to areas pushed down and out of sight, especially with relationships and trust; see where you can let go of habits or energies that no longer serve and may be holding you down. The only way forward is to release that which is holding us back. Allow the energy of this New Moon + Solar Eclipse to transform you.

October 31st: Halloween/Samhain/Witches' New Year

Halloween to the modern world, Samhain to the ancient Celts, or the Witches' New Year, this day is the half-way point between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice. Use this time to reflect and celebrate the cycle of life and death. Connect with family and ancestors, have a ritual fire, and make room for new versions of ourselves to emerge.

November 8th: Full Moon in Taurus + Lunar Eclipse

This Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse might feel a little intense and shake up feelings of instability. This energy will shine a light on areas we've been avoiding to call on us to address them. Pay attention to themes around money and relationships and use this time to refresh your commitments or boundaries, this could also mean closing a door somewhere in your life. This might seem scary at first, but usually these steps helps us find our best path.

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