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Gemstone Focus: Gems for Virgo Season

The Virgo season invites us to renew our commitment to our goals, refresh our routines, and find the magick in the details of the day to day. Work with this season's energy to explore how you show up intentionally in your everyday life and how you can incorporate gemstone jewelry into to your practices.


Virgo season begins on August 22nd and ends on September 22nd. It is the sixth sign of the zodiac, and it is associated with the sixth house of wellness and routines. This season is the perfect time to help you re-imagine your daily routine in a way that'll leave you feeling more centered.

While our Virgo friends tend to have this deep understanding of staying on track, starting and maintaining new routines and boundaries, or prioritizing self-care, the rest of us could probably use a little help. Even the most steadfast Virgo can benefit from an extra boost- setting intention with Gemstone jewelry is one of my favorite ways to do just that.

I'm a firm believer in following your gut- whether that be choosing your gems to work with or how you set intention or recharge them. If you're starting a new routine with this during Virgo season I suggest starting simple and trusting your intuition on your path. Choose your gem based on the properties of that stone or the gem that you are strongly drawn to. I always seem to find myself called to just what I need at that time, but if you're still honing in on your intuition, read a little about each stone below and pay attention to what colors, meanings, or words stand out to you and go from there.

Gemstones for Virgo Season

Citrine: This warm gemstone invites joy into your life, boosts self-esteem and helps to balance emotions. It has the power to recharge and energize all levels of life, revitalizing the mind, releasing negativity, driving out depression and fears.

Activating your creative mind Citrine opens the imagination, stimulates creativity, and give a boost to your confidence and self expression. Also known as a stone of abundance, Citrine attracts success, prosperity, happiness and all good things into your life.

Use this stone during Virgo season to recharge and expand your imagination. It can help clear your mind so you can channel Virgo's energy to analyze the best plans and outcomes while setting your goals. Citrine will keep your thoughts and energy positive, blocking out negative or overly self-critical feelings.


Amazonite: A soothing stone that helps release fears and anxieties, it calms the mind and nervous system. Amazonite helps sooth emotional stress and trauma, alleviating worry. It can sooth our anxieties around relationships and open clearer pathways for communication. It Inspires courage, integrity, and truth, encouraging us to speak honestly and from the heart.

Known to block electromagnetic pollution, Amazonite absorbs it making it a useful stone to place on or near you and the source of pollution or cell phone.

Amazonite is one of the birthstones for Virgo, It helps them release anxieties so they can be more open minded and go with the flow.

Use this stone to help ease your way through Mercury Retrograde starting September 9th through October 2nd. It's ability to simulate truthful communication, calm the nerves, and even ease woes with technology stresses will help you thrive through retrograde.


Silver Elements Carnelain Necklace & Bracelet

Carnelian: A stone to stabilize and restore vitality, Carnelian promotes positive life choices and helps motivate you for success. Carnelian boosts willpower and courage, giving you confidence to make decisions when faced with difficult situations. Powerful in grounding, assists in healing from abuse of any kind. Carnelian helps you find trust in yourself to overcome negative conditioning.

Carnelian stimulates creativity and passion, while also sharpening analytic abilities, concentration and dispelling mental fatigue.

Use Carnelian this Virgo season to help you stay motivated and on track with creating new routines or finishing creative projects. If you find yourself second guessing yourself or goals you've set, turn to Carnelian to help guide you to making the best choice for your highest purpose. Carnelian will help you harvest your inner knowledge and put it to use.


Lapis Lazuli: Known as the Wisdom Stone, Lapis Lazuli helps you find your truth and become more self-aware. Promoting knowledge, creativity, and self-expression, Lapis bring out confidence, harmony and inner self-knowledge. Lapis Lazuli is an excellent tool for communication in all relationships. With calming and soothing energy it ushers in calm conversations, allowing everyone to express themselves honestly while not turning to anger or resentment. inviting you to speak the truth.

Wearing Lapis Lazuli this Virgo season will help you stay objective to your goals, and find new creative ways to projects or areas in your life that have become unbalanced. If you feel your confidence has been lowered or you struggle to put yourself out there, Lapis can be a game changer when used in daily life.

Turn to Lapis Lazuli again as we enter into the 3rd Mercury Retrograde of this year to find clarity in situations when you're feeling overwhelmed by sensory input. Lapis helps to you see the bigger picture and aids to strengthen the lines of communication during a period when words can get crossed or misrepresented. This stunning blue stone can be worn like a shield, guarding against psychic attacks and returning negative energy back to it's source.


Garnet: Revitalizing and energetic, Garnet activates the heart stimulating courage, passion, and sensuality. Garnet welcomes love, success, and luck into your personal relationships. Helping to balance the sex drive Garnet wards off disharmony and soothes emotions.

Garnet can also help you move away from old inhibitions holding you back and allowing you to find your confidence. Garnet provides strong emotional protection by bringing courage in intense situations, and hope when struggling with sadness or depression.

A stone that boosts determination and vigor, Garnet is exactly what you need this Virgo season. Associated with the pragmatism of Virgo, Garnet assists in letting go of old behaviors that no longer serve you. Use Garnet during Virgo season to help you get started when you don't know where to start, or seeking assistance with career matters.


Sterling Silver + Pyrite Hammered Hoops Earrings

Pyrite: With empowering energy, Pyrite invites us to embrace our potential and take action in our lives. Pyrite aids us in overcoming our fears by providing a force to shield all form of negative energies.

Considered a stone of luck and abundance, Pyrite stimulates your memory, helping you recall information when needed. It opens the flow of creative ideas and increase our will to accomplish what we set out to do.

Wearing Pyrite during Virgo season acts as a mirror to the self, especially helpful when the season calls on us to slow down and reassess areas in our lives that need attention. Pyrite encourages us to look at all facets of our life so we can map out healthy pathways for our well-being. By relieving anxiety and frustration Pyrite provides insight and solutions while we re-imagine our goals.

Pyrite would also be excellent to use during the New Moon. Known for it's powers of manifestation, work with it in creating abundance in your life. Be specific with your goals and welcome Pyrite to enhance areas of self-care for you and your communities, and draw in financial abundance and success.

*Fun Fact: You'll often find flecks of Pyrite in another gemstone on this list, Lapis Lazuli. Look for Lapis with Pyrite or combine the two to boost each stones energy.


Quartz Crystal Aumlet Necklaces and Shield Earrings

Clear Quartz Crystal: Known as a master healer Quartz Crystal absorbs, stores, regulates, and releases energy- amplifying your intentions and boosting the effects of other gemstones crystals. Quartz has the ability to neutralize negative energy and electromagnetic pollution. Balances the mental and emotional realms and cleanses the body and spirit. With it's amplifying power, Quartz Crystal enhances psychic abilities, unblocks memories, and aids in concentration, bringing clarity and new energy in any situation.

Put clear Quartz Crystal to use during Virgo season to offer your mind, body, and spirit a revitalizing cleanse before you set your new goals and intentions. Quartz will help clear your mind so you can hone in on those areas that need work, allowing you to focus on the best possible outcome, with an extra boost of power from clear Quartz Crystal.


These are just a few gemstones that you can use to help bring focus during Virgo season no matter what zodiac sign you are. Remember that there is no right or wrong way to do this, so don't get so caught up in the details you hesitate to move forward. Look for gemstones that resonate deeply with you and that your intentions are honorable when you set them. Lean into your intuition and explore your personal power and magick.


Important Dates for Virgo Season + Gemstones

Heads up on a couple important astrological events this Virgo Season where you can incorporate your gemstones and jewelry to help ease or assist.

Virgo Season: August 22nd to September 22nd

August 27th: We'll have a New Moon in Virgo. This New Moon coming so early in Virgo season is super helpful to help set our intentions and manifest our goals. If you're looking to welcome in abundance, prosperity, and success- consider Pyrite or Citrine. To aid in refreshing balance in your life and starting new routines, look to the wisdom of Lapis Lazuli to bring insights and Garnet to strengthen your willpower.

September 9th: Mercury Retrograde comes into play for the 3rd time this year bringing with it the extra chances for delays in travel and miscommunication. This is a time we typically look to slow down, tie up loose ends or projects, or even get some organizing done at home or in the office/studio. It's almost perfect to have Mercury Retrograde happen during Virgo season as that's exactly the energy we're looking to work with right now. Lean into the slow life, getting cozy at home, catch up on filling, or finally make those appointments you've been putting off. Mercury Retrograde will be with us into Libra season before it's stations direct on October 2nd.

Read more about Mercury Retrograde HERE.

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*The section on Lapis Lazuli was collaboratively written with Chelsea Whitaker.

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