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Gemstones for Aries Season

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Aries Season is here to breath a whole lot of fire and motivation into all those Pisces Season daydreams, ready to kick start your energy for a brand new astrological new year ahead!


Aries Season March 20th - April 19th

Symbol: The Ram

Planetary Ruler: Mars

Element: Fire

Welcome to the start of a new astrological year. Aries season ushers in the spring, growth, forward movement, excitement, and change. For some areas, we welcome warmer weather and more outdoor activities. Spring gardens begin to bloom with colorful and fragrant flowers. The whole northern hemisphere comes alive with possibility. Use the spirit of this season to energize you.

It makes sense that the sign of Aries would be entrusted with the opening of this important season. Aries is brave and warm and truly our fire starter. Aries is the voice that will speak up when others are afraid. They’re the risk taker that will try, fail and try again until they figure it out. They’re the impetus for change that drives us forward. Channel all those beautiful qualities as you move through this Aries season. They can also be hot-headed and stubborn, so keep those things in check when you feel frustrated.

Astrology by Casey Chafoulease


Gemstones for Aries Season

Herkimer Diamonds are only found in one place in the world, here in the United States; Herkimer, New York. Not only is this special crystal strikingly beautiful with its sharp, crystal clear facets but it also offers the wearer many powerful metaphysical attributes as well. In fact, many consider the Herkimer Diamond to be among, if not the most powerful energy healer. Wearing this stone, especially around the neck or on your ears is said to dispel negative forms of energy and simultaneously invite in serenity and ease.

The clarity of this stone is not just for looks but also for the wearer to feel as well. Herkimer Diamonds are said to bring clarity and hyper awareness. Wearing this stone may help you focus your thoughts and think more clearly if in an uncertain situation or if you are feeling indecisive. Herkimer Diamonds are very much considered a "Psychic stone", heightening the awareness of the wearer and allowing them to connect to a higher form of consciousness.

Aries season is here, which means we are starting a new astrological year. Start fresh by using Herkimer Diamonds to cleanse your energy and invite in overall heightened awareness and clarity for the year ahead. Being that Diamonds are the birthstone of Aries, consider Herkimer Diamonds to be especially powerful for those born under this sign.


Carnelian helps to promotes positive life choices, while motivating you for success. By boosting your willpower, vitality, and courage; Carnelian can give you the confidence to make powerful decisions when needed.

Stimulating creativity and passion, Carnelian adds a bit of fire and spice to achieving your goals and sparking motivation. Carnelian can give you the courage and tenacity to embrace ones life purpose and self-worth.

If you're looking for something to give you a little jump start on the new astrological year ahead, wear Carnelian this season to invite some fire energy into your life. Aries people love to start new projects, harness that energy into a project you've been daydreaming about during Pisces season. Carnelian can ignite the fire within us all, while it also has a stabilizing quality to help us stay focused and on track.


Black Tourmaline is the ultimate grounding and protective gemstone out there. This stone will block unwanted energies and negative vibrations; both from outside forces or our own inner doubts and fears. Helping you to release, Black Tourmaline is excellent when needing to let go and purify your mind, body, and spirit. Keeping you calm and collected, Black Tourmaline helps sooth anxieties, aggression, and negative thinking.

Wearing Black Tourmaline can act as a shield, which can't help but add a level of courage and positivity to your outlook this Spring. If the fiery winds of Aries Season get you all hot and bothered; or you're finding others are looking to pick a fight with you- look to Black Tourmaline to bring the tensions down, transform negatives to positives through calm reflection and conversations.

Ever the optimist, Aries wants to kick out that stagnant energy and pave the path for good luck, positive vibrations, and success. Work with the energies of Black Tourmaline on the Full Moon in April to help you release and transform for the new astrological new ahead.


Red Jasper promotes strength, endurance, and grounding, and you'll need all that to get through Aries Season! Stimulating your focus, Red Jasper will help you stay the course on a new project or adventure, bringing determination and clarity to your mind, body, and soul.

If you're feeling overwhelmed or needing to calm your emotions, turn to Red Jasper to boost your ability to find creative solutions or remind you who you are when your confidence is waning.

Red Jasper meets Aries' fire energy, lending a grounding and tranquil edge to restlessness or impatient feelings. Wear Red Jasper to bring a renewed sense of vibrancy, creativity, and passion to your days this season.


Green Aventurine is a stone of prosperity. Reinforcing leadership and decisiveness, promoting compassion and empathy. This gemstone is used to promote open-mindedness, with the ability to see alternatives and possibilities. Gamblers may use this as a good luck stone. Encouraging optimism, practical enthusiasm, and balance. Aventurine can diffuse negative emotions, stimulating perception and enhancing creativity.

Aventurine is great for Aries Season, as it heightens mental clarity. Many Aries struggle with distracted thoughts, often caused by an overabundance of energy, making this clarity especially soothing. It can help them keep focus on their goals, while eliminating self-doubt.

Green Aventurine is a great all-around healer, bringing emotional calmness, settling nausea and dissolving negative thoughts and emotions. Its connection to the Heart Chakra makes Green Aventurine a great comfort stone and heart healer.

Look to Green Aventurine to promote compassion, balance, and optimism on the New Moon in Aries on March 20th. Read more below under "Important Dates"

Aventurine write up by Chelsea Whitaker


Citrine is truly a stone of joy, promoting kindness, friendship, creativity, and happiness. Turn to Citrine during times of transformation to energize and cleanse every facet of your life. Citrine opens the imagination, stimulates creativity, and give a boost to your confidence and self expression.

Also known as a stone of abundance, Citrine attracts success, prosperity, happiness and all good things into your life.

Citrine can help by revitalizing the mind, acting as an air element to fan the flames of Aries season, releasing negativity and driving out depression or fears. Emotionally balancing, Citrine boosts the intellect and stimulates the brain, while also promoting self-confidence and motivation.

Wearing Citrine can bring out the natural leader in you, helping you achieve your goals and be more innovative. Citrine also helps to keep your thoughts and energy positive, blocking out negative or overly self-critical feelings.

Adorn yourself or your altar with Citrine for the Spring Equinox on March 19th.

I also would like to invite you to wear a little Citrine on April 4th in celebration of my birthday! I was smitten with Citrine before I ever knew it was considered an Aries gemstones and it has been one of my absolute favorites in my jewelry designs for many years.


Aquamarine is a stone of courage and strength. It helps us to connect to our inner power and discover your life's purpose and align that purpose with your daily life. Soothing the mind, Aquamarine helps us reduce stress, and clear confusion.

Inviting you to delve a little deeper, Aquamarine embodies themes of reflection making it extremely helpful in meditation and balancing energy.

The birthstone of March Aries, this stone brings a calming energy just when you need it. Wearing Aquamarine as a necklace or near the throat allows one to have open and balanced communication. Promotes clarity and a sense of calm, helpful when you need to find a moment of chill during Aries season.

We also love Aquamarine for it's protective qualities, specifically thought to bring good luck and safety to those traveling by water.


Important Dates: March 20th - Spring Equinox (Northern Hemisphere) In the northern hemisphere, the spring equinox brings the return of daylight with a day that is equal parts day and night. Before you plant your figurative seeds during the new moon the following day, you can plant some literal seeds in a garden for the spring equinox. This is also an excellent time for spring cleaning or a nice outside walk. Here are some things associated with the Spring Equinox you could use on an altar:

  • Colors: pastels, pink, green, yellow

  • Herbs: Lemon balm. Chamomile, Lavender

  • Flowers: Tulip, Lily, Violet, Daffodil

  • Crystal: Citrine

March 21st - New Moon in Aries This is a potent new moon with very big feelings. The new moon is at 0 degrees of Aries, and like so many of the moons this year, the early degree signals the beginning of a new story in our lives. Also hanging out in Aries are Mercury and a Jupiter/Chiron conjunction amplifying the need for healing and clear and direct communication. To quote Brené Brown, “Clear is kind, unclear is unkind.” Whether you need to be clear with yourself or others, you owe it to the world to stand in your truth, even if it is painful to face or you feel it’s unattainable. Words have power, so make sure you say what you truly want. Big changes are coming; let’s embrace them. Let this light the spark to illuminate your next path. Try Aventurine to promote compassion if you’re working with crystals. March 23rd - Pluto moves into Aquarius Pluto is the planet of death, rebirth, power dynamics, and transformation. It begins to dip its toes into the sign of Aquarius from March 23rd - June 11th before it moves back into Capricorn for the last time in our lifetime. Take the opportunity this year to reflect on Pluto’s time in Capricorn and what you have experienced from 2008-2023. And if you’re interested in more info on the topic, every astrologer is covering this much more in-depth everywhere. I recommend this write-up from Catherine Urban. April 6th - Full Moon in Libra/Pink Moon The April full moon in Libra is also known as the Pink Moon, or Strawberry Moon, after the colors of blooming flowers and ripened fruit. This moon connects to the themes of tending to one’s garden, picking what is ripe, and removing things that have stopped growing to clear the way for new growth. The Jupiter/Chiron conjunction is also a significant player with this full moon making it another moon with big feelings. Allow this powerful full moon to liberate you. Try black tourmaline to release negative energy if you’re working with crystals. A couple of notes about the planets mentioned: Chiron: In the sky Chiron has been referred to as an asteroid, comet, and minor planet at various times. In myth Chiron is a centaur that was rejected by his parents and later became a healer. In astrology we look to Chiron to show us where we have wounds that need healing. Jupiter: Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Whatever Jupiter touches, it amplifies, for better or worse. So the conjunction between Jupiter and Chiron is an opportunity for big healing.

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