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Gemstones for Gemini Season

Gemini Season blows into town, bringing it's lively energy into our lives as we emerge from Taurus season where we turned inward during Mercury Retrograde and focused on our inner sanctuaries. Gemini helps us step up and step out to reconnect with our social circles and the world around us.


Gemini Season May 21 - June 20

Symbol: The Twins

Planetary Ruler: Mercury

Element: Air

Hello there, my charming and witty friend! Can you feel the electric energy in the air? That's because Gemini season is here, and it's time to socialize, network, and show off your sparkling personality.

Gemini's mental agility and curiosity are beautiful things; during this season, you can use that mercurial energy to your advantage. Strike up fascinating conversations with strangers, research the difference between the sensation of weightlessness in space and while scuba diving, or ask ChatGPT for instructions on making the perfect creme brûlée.

Just be mindful not to get pulled in too many directions at once. The symbol of Gemini, the twins, represents the duality of opposing sides and often multiple interests. While exploring different things is great, remember to stay focused on what's important. Otherwise, you might find yourself in one moment having a fascinating conversation with friends and the next completely bored and onto something new.

Try incorporating meditation or other mindfulness practices into your routine to maintain your focus. You can make the most of this effervescent and exciting time of year with a little balance and intention. So embrace your inner Gemini, and let your curiosity lead the way!

Astrology by Casey Chafoulease


Gemstones for Gemini Season

Pearls are not your typical "gemstone", but have been sought by civilizations for almost as long as humans have created art and jewelry, and are considered a "precious gemstone". When one looks at a Pearls appearance, you may be reminded of the cool waters of the ocean, powerful yet smooth and fluid. The sheen on the surface of the pearls speaks to the beauty and inherent power, drawing your focus in. These properties also mirror those born during this season and may help us harness or amplify when wearing them. Adorning Pearls will help Geminis and others to keep their cool or draw attention to oneself when needed.

Mercury governs both Gemini and Pearls which makes this a powerful gem for enhancing communication. If you are finding difficulty in communication during this season, perhaps consider wearing Pearl to help find or amplify your voice or message across. It is believed by some that Pearls repel negative energy, control blood pressure and even help with some mental health issues.

The birthstone for our June Gemini's, influencing the positive and negative sides of those born under the sign of Gemini, but Pearl can also have a soothing and stabilizing effect on anyone who wears it.


Blue Kyanite is an excellent stone to use for balance and tranquility, bringing a calming affect on the wearer or beholder. Helping to release negative energies, Blue Kyanite helps to drive away feelings of anger, frustration, and stress. Cutting through our fears, it allows us to step into our best selves and helps boost our self expression.

Stimulating the throat chakra, Blue Kyanite encourages us to speak clearly and truthfully in our communications, especially helpful in arguments.

Those born under the sign of Gemini can be known to gossip or even bend the truth the little to suit them, it's just part of their dual and changeable nature. Lean on Blue Kyanite if you find yourself straying from the truth or getting invested into others drama.

Excellent for use during the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 3rd, Blue Kyanite's calming and balancing energies can support you in making a clean break from things that may be holding you back, allowing you to release that which no longer serves.


Moonstone helps you connect with your emotions, providing calmness and stabilizes emotional turmoil. Helping you to sort through your feelings, Moonstone allows you to gain a higher perspective on your emotions to unlock any hidden meanings or triggers.

Releasing frustration, Moonstone encourages us to surrender to the natural cycles of life, enhance patience, and stay empathic to others. Moonstone helps you stay calm and not over react to situations outside of your control.

A secondary birthstone for those with their Sun sign in Gemini, Moonstone promotes abundance and good fortune in ones life and in business ventures. Nurturing and soothing, Moonstone is wonderful when striving for new beginnings and inner growth.

Moonstone is also known to support the feminine spirit, making it helpful for those that suffer from PMS. fertility issues and childbirth. Believed to aid in balancing hormones and male/female energies, Moonstone can help us all get in touch with our emotions.


Serpentine is known as another Manifestation stone - helping you bring your goals and ideas into reality. Being an air sign with a dual nature, Gemini's can be a little scattered sometimes with all this flight and broad creativity. Serpentine can help those born under Gemini and all of us going through the season with a focus and spark to manifest our desires.

This gemstone is also great for the Gemini season if you are having anxious or nervous tension. Being a stone centered on the heart chakra, it is believed that Serpentine will open your heart and sooth negative and nervous energies.

Serpentine is another "mind stone" that is strongly believed to aid in communication with others and ourselves. It will bring clarity to negative thoughts so that you can identify and replace them with more positive ones. Serpentine strongly addresses areas that need to be healed or replaced with something better serving you. If you find yourself down on others or yourself this season, use Serpentine to break through the negativity and welcome positive change.

Turn to Serpentine on June 18th during the New Moon in Gemini to give your manifestations a boost.


Druzy Quartz holds all of the properties and benefits of Quartz, but is notably beneficial for balancing and enhancing energies. It is a powerful stress reliever, encouraging healing on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. This also balances the emotional body, helping to relieve sadness, fear, stress, and depression.

Druzy can help with self-exploration, awakening feelings of self love and empowerment.

Enhancing patience, it can help with starting new projects. Wear Druzy Quartz as a pendant to ensure its calming and healing properties remain close to your body.

Druzy Quartz write up by Chelsea Whitaker


Apatite is a Gemstone found throughout the world but most commonly found in Europe. It also appears in many color variations but most is commonly associated with the bright blue color. Its varying colors are a result of its mineral composition. Apatite is a combination of two and sometimes three different minerals, giving this gemstone a "dual personality" when it comes to its metaphysical properties.

Duality is one of the main traits of Geminis and thus wearing Apatite will help encourage a healthy balance between these sometimes opposing sides of one's self or a situation that anyone could find themselves in this season.

Apatite is thought to have many other positive attributes and properties it passes onto the wearer. Its ability to heal through balance and connection is said to help those with learning, love, concentration, peace and most effectively communication. Wearing Appetite will help clear negative thoughts about yourself and others, important for healthy communication with others.

One of the most notable aspects of Apatite is its ability to facilitate and manifest. If you find yourself, this Gemini season, in need of change, in the midst of a creative slump, or facing a challenge that needs clarification, consider wearing Apatite for a powerful boost of confidence in these areas.


Emerald stimulates the heart chakra and has a healing effect on your emotions, as well as your physical heart. It ensures physical, mental, and emotional equilibrium, bringing harmony to all aspects of life. Emerald helps focus your actions, strengthening memory and increasing mental clarity.

Known as the stone for lasting love, Emerald boosts loyalty and domestic bliss. It enhances unconditional love and unity, promoting friendship and helping to keep relationships in balance.

The birthstone for our Geminis born in the month of May, Emerald can bring you limitless joy. A stone of harmony, love, compassion, renewal and recovery. Emerald is the perfect stone to brighten your energy in any occasion.


Important Dates for Gemini Season:

Full Moon in Sagittarius June 3rd

As the full moon in Sagittarius approaches, we're presented with an opportunity for inspiration, action, and healing as it forms a trine to Mars and Chiron. Sagittarius is a sign of truth-seeking and discovery. Dig into whatever you need to explore. Look back to the last new moon in Sagittarius for clues about what you have been working on. Your bravery will be rewarded.

Work with Blue Kyanite for this Full Moon to bring you support to release that which no longer serves.

New Moon in Gemini June 18th

The new moon in Gemini brings a significant astrological aspect to the forefront as it aligns with the asteroid Juno. In mythology, Juno - also known as Hera - was the wife of Jupiter or Zeus, and her story was marked by his infidelities and her anger and retaliation. In astrology, Juno symbolizes our partnerships, commitments, and contracts, and this new moon asks us to reflect on these areas of our lives and ensure that they are balanced and fair. This New Moon in Gemini may bring some uncertainty or confusion, as the information we need to make decisions about our commitments may need to be clarified. However, this is also a powerful opportunity to clear out any negative energy or unhealthy patterns in our relationships and start anew.

Turn to Serpentine on June 18th during the New Moon in Gemini to give your manifestations a boost.

The Gemini Collection release is Saturday, May 27th at 11am Tucson time.

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