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Gemstones for Pisces Season

A variety of jewelry designs inspired by Pisces Season by Christina Holland Designs

Get ready to let your imagination run wild, Pisces season is here to invite you to dream big, get in touch with your sensitive side, find your inner wisdom and stimulate creativity, and your own deep intuition.


Pisces Season February 18 - March 19

Symbol: The Fishes

Planetary Ruler: Jupiter (traditional) and Neptune (modern)

Element: Water

Welcome to Pisces season, our last stop before spring. Pisces is the 12th and final sign in the zodiac, and within it holds all the wisdom and lessons of the signs that came before it. A generous warmth emanates from Pisces, and we are all the better for having this energy in the world. Feel all the feelings. Steer into the emotional fearlessness of Pisces and share your heart purely with others. Just be careful not to be taken advantage of. It is time to create boundaries if you’re in a one-sided relationship or not being shown the respect you deserve. We’re headed for spring, and only things that bloom are allowed to come with us into the next season. Let the rest dissolve.

Next, add a dash of whimsy to the season and get caught up in your dreams. Maybe you’re thinking about a vacation or a creative project. Explore all the possibilities and then work on making them realities. But it’s also ok to have a fantasy be just that. The important part is connecting to your dreams because they give us a little hope and magic in our lives.

Astrology by Casey Chafouleas


Gemstones for Pisces Season

Aquamarine is the stone of courage and strength. It helps us to connect to our inner power and speak the truth. It's water energy works to sooth the mind, reducing stress, clearing confusion, and helpful in meditation.

This stone can help you discover your life purpose and align that purpose with your daily life. Aquamarine embodies themes of reflection making it extremely helpful in meditation, inviting you to plunge in and delve a little deeper to discover your own truths. Thanks to its gentle moods and balancing energy, Aquamarine ensures your emotions don't become too overwhelming.

While this dreamy gemstone catches the eye of many, it's the official birthstone for those born in March and one of the primary stones associated with Pisces. Aquamarine can help our Pisces energy stay focused and clear the mind of any distracting thoughts. It's also useful as a travel talisman when traveling by or near water for luck and safety.

Look to Aquamarine during the Full Moon on March 7th to calm your nervous system.


Shell stimulates imagination, sensitivity, and intuition, helping connect to our spirituality and inner wisdom. In meditation, Shell can put you in balance with nature, bringing harmony and connection with the Universe around us.

Known to quiet emotions and bring inner peace, Shell shows us how to relax and connect to our inner selves. Shell can help you grow in all areas of your life, enhancing adaptability, imagination, and assisting with retaining information and learning new things.

Wear Shell during Pisces season to bring in-sight when making decisions, it's power of intuition can bring you the mental clarity you're looking for. Shell can aid in adaptability when working in a group or with a partner, providing cohesive energy and cooperation between yourself and others.

Shell overall has many wonderful properties, but certain varieties may have more specific qualities you're looking for. If you need to bring healing and peace to a conversation or looking to give yourself more love; turn to Abalone Shell. To aid in prosperity or heighten intuition you'll want to wear Mother of Pearl. Oyster Shell meanwhile has been known to bring good fortune, love, and even carried as a token of love.


Blue Opal opens us to all levels of communication, easing transitions and enhancing psychic abilities. Considered to have one of the strongest connections to the third eye and throat chakras, Blue Opal clears any blockages, dispels negative energy, all while helping you believe in your own abilities and speak your mind.

If you're in need of healing, Blue Opal may provide comfort and aid in healing broken hearts, bad relationships, intimacy issues, and even old traumas. Blue Opal gives you that emotional support you need to break old habits and bring clarity in relationship struggles with it's gentle yet deeply healing energy.

Look to Blue Opal this Pisces season to aid in any business affairs or while accomplishing tasks. Bringing strength and persistence, Blue Opal helps us stay stable, aware, and confident in all your endeavors.

Tap into the power of Blue Opal for inspiration and strength during the Pisces New Moon on February 20th.


Blue Lace Agate is a perfect match for Pisces Season, as it holds a tranquil quality via its banded layers of blue. A stone of peace, partnered with Pisces, this energy is amplified, encouraging us to see all sides of a problem.

Composed of quartz mineral and Chalcedony, this stone contains many of the same generic properties held within Chalcedony. It can assist in healing and building strong emotional health, helping to keep physical health in check.

A powerful throat healer, helping with verbal expression and assisting in effective communication. If you are feeling a lack of confidence, struggle with public speaking or stage fright, Blue Lace Agate is a great stone to use. Linked to the heart chakra, this crystal helps us open our energy levels to giving and receiving unconditional love. Wear Blue Lace Agate as a necklace to thoroughly take advantage of its throat healing and heart chakra opening properties.

Blue Lace Agate Gem Focus by Chelsea Whitaker.


Turquoise helps us to strengthen our convictions and give an increase to ones personal power and courage. Stimulating the throat chakra, Turquoise helps you speak clearly and with truth. Useful in meditation, it's energy is soothing and helps boosts ones metal and spiritual abilities.

If you're looking to spark your creative mind, Turquoise is an excellent for renewing energy and allowing your thoughts to move freely, bringing a fresh outlook to your projects.

While soothing, Turquoise is also empowering and protective, shielding against negativity and regulating regulating emotional energies. If you've got an important project ahead, wear Turquoise to keep your nerves soothed, your imagination slowing, as well as bringing a boost of luck and prosperity! If you've got an interview or need to speak in public, Turquoise is my go to for stimulating the throat chakra and allowing me to get my words out with ease and confidence.


Amethyst is a protective stone that brings feelings of inner peace to the wearer and aids in healing the body, mind and spirit. Allowing your mind to flow freely, Amethyst gives a boost to our dreams for the future.

Believed to relieve insomnia, Amethyst is soothing to our nerves, bringing a sense of calm while you sleep. If you're looking to encourage lucid dreaming, or just understanding and remembering your dreams, keep Amethyst in the bedroom or nearby while you sleep.

The sign of Pisces is an emotional sign, so if you find yourself feeling all the feelings this season, Amethyst might be just what you need to help steady extreme emotions or anxiety. The birthstone of February, Amethyst connects with the dreamy sign of Pisces to set our imaginations free. Wear Amethyst during your planning and brainstorming session this season to tap into your deep intuition and connect with your highest purpose.


Copper is another widely used metal in Jewelry making and is popular for it's beautiful color and ease of use. Soft and easily form-able, Copper has been incorporated in Jewelry making for thousands of years. Apart from its appealing physical appearance and aesthetic, it also retains very desirable metaphysical properties as well! Along with Gold, Copper is considered by many to be one of the "lucky" metals. Copper bestows the wearer with increased financial confidence, wealth and abundance, and overall prosperity. It's believed to be especially lucky for those born under the Pisces sign. Copper is naturally a conduit of energy, which when paired with Gemstones, can amplify and transfer energy into the wearer. Copper is also believed by some to impart health benefits to those who wear it. It is known to soothe arthritic pain, detoxify and improve circulation of the blood, and increase overall energy levels. As we come out of sleepy winter and enter spring, some may be feeling lethargic, use Copper to awaken your energy this Pisces season!


Important Dates for Pisces Season

February 20 - New Moon in Pisces

On the upcoming full moon on the 7th, Saturn will enter into Pisces after two and a half years in the sign of Aquarius. It brings a major shift for the next two and a half years. With Saturn making a conjunction with this new moon, it is a perfect time to set your intentions for not just this new moon but how you plan to work with Saturn for creative visions, dreams, or setting boundaries in the future. Saturn will help you define your goals and build a solid foundation. Tap into the power of opal for inspiration and strength.

March 7 - Full Moon in Virgo

An hour after this full moon, Saturn moves into the sign of Pisces. Use this full moon as a reset button for anything holding you back. Release a message into the void with any anger, fear, or anything else in your way. Then let it go. Use Aquamarine to calm your nervous system.

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