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Gemstones for Pisces Season

The Pisces Collection by Christina Holland Designs shows a variety of jewelry in gemstones of Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Quartz Crystal, Aquamarine, Labradorite, Turquoise and Shell.

As we roll into watery Pisces season we move into the final zodiac placement of the year, a time of dreaming and mentally exploring what the future could be lays just within reach. Let your imagination run wild, dream big, get in touch with your sensitive side, stimulate creativity, and get in touch your own deep intuition.


Pisces Season: February 18th to March 18th

Symbol: The Fishes

Planetary Ruler: Jupiter

Element: Water

Welcome to the final astrological season blog as we wrap with the final sign in the zodiac, Pisces. The story goes that as each astrological season passes, the next sign builds upon the last, adding new elements and traits to balance out the previous sign. In the case of Pisces, it rounds out the entire zodiac and completes the story. Think of all of the zodiac signs existing in one person (which they do) and think of this as a growth cycle. You might assume the end of the cycle would become jaded and cynical. But even after experiencing all of life's joy and pain, Pisces remains open to the magic that comes from being alive.

Pisces is imaginative, dreamy, and ethereal. They exist in other times and worlds, not just this one. They are connected to the dream realm and can feel like it exists in their day-to-day world. They are romantic and deeply empathetic souls who move through the world with their hearts on their sleeves. They have seen it all and choose to show up vulnerable. 

This season taps into the magical, dreamy energy and connects to possibilities. Be idealistic and remain open to the best-case scenario. The world could use this light now.

Astrology by Casey Chafouleas


Gemstones for Pisces Season

Aquamarine and Gold fill Sticks & Stones earrings by Christina Holland Designs

Aquamarine can help you discover your life purpose and align that purpose with your daily life. Aquamarine embodies themes of reflection making it extremely helpful in meditation, inviting you to plunge in and delve a little deeper to discover your own truths.

The stone of courage and strength, Aquamarine helps us to connect to our inner power, and it's water energy works to sooth the mind, reduce stress, and clear away confusion.

Thanks to its gentle moods and balancing energy, Aquamarine ensures your emotions don't become too intense... which may be helpful for us all during Pisces season if this emotional time becomes overwhelming. Aquamarine is also useful during travel by or near water, it can act as a talisman to bring luck and safety.

While this dreamy gemstone catches the eye of many, it's the official birthstone for those born in March and one of the primary stones associated with Pisces. Aquamarine can help our Pisces energy stay focused and clear the mind of any distracting thoughts.


Triangle Labradorite Hammered Hoops in Sterling Silver and Gold fill by Christina Holland Designs

Labradorite boosts our intuition and revels the truth, allowing us to break up stale energy and sooth an overactive mind. Powerful and grounding, Labradorite makes an excellent protective stone, even clearing away nervous energy.

Helping to strengthen trust in yourself, Labradorite invites more vitality into your life and can help uncover your own hidden magic- giving you the courage you need to bring your dreams to life!

Look to Labradorite this Pisces Season to harness the metaphysical realms, opening up our consciousness and initiating creativity. You may find yourself in a place of new beginnings, not knowing what to do next, Labradorite will open up your imagination to possibilities perhaps not clear to you at this time.

Wear Labradorite on the New Moon in Pisces on March 10th to conjure new possibilities and welcome in transformative energies.


Turquoise Copper Creations Earring with Moon phase design by Christina Holland Designs

Turquoise helps us strengthen our convictions and increases our personal power and courage. Stimulating the throat chakra, Turquoise helps you speak clearly and with truth. Useful in meditation, it's energy is soothing and helps boosts ones metal and spiritual abilities.

If you're looking to spark your creative mind, Turquoise is an excellent for renewing energy and allowing your thoughts to move freely, bringing a fresh outlook to your projects.

While soothing, Turquoise is also empowering and protective, shielding against negativity and regulating regulating emotional energies during watery Pisces season. If you've got an important project ahead, wear Turquoise to keep your nerves soothed. Spark your imagination and bring a boost of luck and prosperity with Turquoise near by!

If you've got an interview or need to speak in public, Turquoise is my go to for stimulating the throat chakra and allowing me to get my words out with ease and confidence.


Power Sticks and Stones Necklace in Shell and Copper by Christina Holland Designs

Shell stimulates imagination, sensitivity, and intuition, helping connect to our spirituality and inner wisdom. In meditation, Shell can put you in balance with nature, bringing harmony and connection with the Universe.

Known to bring inner peace, Shell shows us how to relax and connect to our inner selves. Shell can help you grow in all areas of your life, enhancing adaptability, imagination, and assisting with retaining information and learning new things.

Wear Shell during Pisces season to bring in-sight when making decisions, it's power of intuition can bring you the mental clarity you're looking for. Shell can aid in adaptability when working in a group or with a partner, providing cohesive energy and cooperation between yourself and others.

Shell overall has many wonderful properties, but certain varieties may have more specific qualities you're looking for. If you need to bring healing and peace to a conversation or looking to give yourself more love; turn to Abalone Shell. To aid in prosperity or heighten intuition you'll want to wear Mother of Pearl. Oyster Shell meanwhile has been known to bring good fortune, love, and even carried as a token of love.


Lapis Lazuli Hammered Hoops Necklace and Earrings in Gold fill by Christina Holland Designs

Lapis Lazuli is know as the Wisdom Stone, promoting knowledge, self-expression, and creativity. Helping you to see the bigger picture, Lapis Lazuli keeps you focused and balanced.

An excellent tool to aid communications in all relationships, Lapis Lazuli brings it's soothing and calming energy to the table, allowing everyone to express themselves honestly without anger or resentment.

What better stone to turn to during Pisces Season then Lapis Lazuli, the wisdom stone. As Pisces have traveled through ALL of the zodiac signs- they've seen and been through it all, they carry the wisdom with in. Lapis Lazuli can help you harness the wisdom of Pisces season, guiding you to finding your knowledge within, becoming more self-aware, and even bringing harmony to interactions with others. Wear Lapis Lazuli this season can help you move forward authentically and with wisdom on your side.


Quartz Crystal Sticks & Stones Necklace in Brass and hand stamped Brass earrings with Quartz points by Christina Holland Designs

Quartz Crystal is known as the master healer- it absorbs, stores, regulates, and releases energy- amplifying your intentions and boosting the effects of other gemstones crystals. Quartz Crystal has the ability to neutralize negative energy and electromagnetic pollution.

Balancing mentally and emotionally, Quartz cleanses body and spirit. Quartz Crystal enhances psychic abilities, unblocks memories, and aids in concentration, bringing clarity in any situation.

Amplify your intentions this Pisces Season with Quartz Crystal. Not only will it boost the effects of all other gemstones you pair it with, you'll find yourself focused and clear if you're looking to refresh and revitalize your mind, body, and spirit.

Wear Quartz Crystal for the Full Moon in Virgo on February 24th to shed what is no longer needed, allowing you to focus on the best possible outcome.


Amethyst Hammered Hoops Necklace in Sterling Silver with mini moon Silver Element earrings by Christina Holland Designs

Amethyst is a protective stone, bringing feelings of inner peace to the wearer and heals the body, mind and spirit. Allowing your mind to flow freely, Amethyst gives a boost to our dreams for the future.

Believed to relieve insomnia, Amethyst is soothing to our nerves, bringing a sense of calm while you sleep. If you're looking to encourage lucid dreaming, or just understanding and remembering your dreams, keep Amethyst in the bedroom or nearby while you sleep.

The sign of Pisces is an emotional sign, so if you find yourself feeling all the feelings this season, Amethyst might be just what you need to help steady extreme emotions or anxiety. The birthstone of February, Amethyst connects with the dreamy sign of Pisces to set our imaginations free. Wear Amethyst during your planning and brainstorming session this season to tap into your deep intuition and connect with your highest purpose.


Important Dates

Full Moon in Virgo February 24th 

The full moon in February is known as the Snow Moon because it corresponds with the time of year when there is a lot of snowfall. Winter is generally a very introspective time, whether you live in a colder climate or not. This full moon use some of the Pisces/Virgo axis magic to tap into the abundance you want in your life. Saturn and Jupiter bring in some grounding to make things permanent and amplification to make things as big as you desire. New Moon in Pisces March 10th

This new moon has a “through the looking glass” quality. Neptune works with the moon to give us a direct connection to see something in a new way. And Uranus opens the doors for unexpected possibilities. Use the Piscean openness of the season and lean into the magic of possibilities.

The Pisces Collection

Shop the collection Sunday, Feb 18th at 10am (Tucson time)

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