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Gemstones for Sagittarius Season

Sagittarius Season Collection

Welcome to Sagittarius season, spanning the day of November 22nd to December 21st, bringing us a lighter, more optimistic sense than our days spent in deep and introspective Scorpio season. Add something flashy for this Fire season with gemstone jewelry to help light your path.


On November 22nd, Sagittarius season sparks the flame that helps you move from the shadow work of Scorpio season into optimistic warmth. Sagittarius season is a time of possibilities. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, optimism, and abundance, rules Sagittarius. It invites you to find joy in big and small things, whether traveling or having meaningful conversations. Everything can be an adventure if you lean into it with the right spirit, even dysfunctional family get-togethers! But don’t turn all this fun into escapism. The archer is also on a quest for truth and beckons you to see the bigger picture and use that honesty, clarity, and compassion to improve things. We are all sharing this moment at the same time. How can we find a way to respect each other while staying true to ourselves? The quest for answers is part of this seasonal journey.

Astrology by Casey Chafouleas


Gemstones for Sagittarius Season

Amethyst is a protective stone that brings feelings of inner peace to the beholder. Amethyst aids us in healing the body, mind & spirit. This courageous gemstone protects the wearer from negative energies.

Amethyst is used to help relieve insomnia, bring a sense of calm as we sleep, as well as with aiding in remembering & understanding our dreams. It can help you connect with your higher self & even encourage lucid dreaming.

Amethyst loves to boost your creativity and help the mind flow freely, making it excellent to have around when you're brainstorming and planning for the future. Dream big with Amethyst fanning your flames.

Wear Amethyst for the New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23rd to enhance your intuition and set your intentions for the dreams you wish to make reality.


Iolite: Carrying the spirit of dreams, exploration, and intuition- Iolite is a guiding gemstone that aids your journeys both physically and spiritually. Iolite connects to your third-eye and throat chakras, a vision stone that helps you stand strong and independent in your power, with the courage to cast out your fears to live a vibrant life.

Iolite can help you feel more balanced, strengthening ones resolve to take on new projects and carry them through to the end. This gem give us a boost of endurance and brings feelings of self-assurance.

Also known as "compass stone", Iolite is the perfect gemstone to keep close during Sagittarius season. This fiery sign urges you to explore new paths and connect with who you truly are as you dive into a journey of self discovery. Let Iolite guide the way.

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius generally fall hard and fast for Iolite. Stimulating their curiosity and independence, while lending it's protective spirit to those who pave their own path.

Wear Iolite for the Full Moon on December 7th to bring support to you in letting go of things that no longer serve the person you are today and the person you strive to become.

* I've chosen to feature Iolite instead of Tanzanite (a December Sagittarius birthstone) due to the rarity of Tanzanite as it is found in only one place in the world, near Mount Kilimanjaro and the mine is predicted to dry up within the next decade. Iolite is more abundant in it's availability, but not in it's beauty- making it a great substitution for Tanzanite. Both of these gemstones share connections to Sagittarius, the throat and third-eye chakras, and carry many of the same healing and metaphysical properties.


Turquoise: Perhaps the most commonly associated stone with Sagittarius is Turquoise. Both Sagittarius and Turquoise are Fire signs and are ruled under the planet Jupiter -which focuses heavily upon one's career, knowledge, wisdom and spirituality. All aspects we associate with the sign of the archer. Wearers born under this sign will find Turquoise to help them concentrate and calm their often unruly passion and ambitions, bringing more clarity and reason to their fire.

Turquoise can aid Sagittarius physically as well. Wearing Turquoise is known to heal areas centered around the throat chakra - throat, stomach and lungs. Turquoise has also been known as the stone for the brave, which is perfect for Sagittarius, often being lovers of exploration of people, places and things. Turquoise will add a little extra confidence and bravery for those archers letting their arrows of ambition and idealism off into the world.

Wear Turquoise this season for luck, concentration and a little boost of bravery as we enter one of the last signs of the year.

For more on Turquoise, click here.


Ruby is a fire stone, ruled by the Sun. And with Sagittarius being a fire sign, ruled by Jupiter, the two seem to go hand in hand. Encouraging a zest for life and improving motivations, Ruby can inspire you to set realistic goals. This is especially important as we get into holiday season and, if you're anything like me, tend to over schedule ourselves. It can calm hyperactivity while instilling confidence and balancing the heart. With Jupiter, Sag's ruling planet, also being the planet of abundance, it pairs perfectly with Ruby - a great stone for promoting wealth, passion, and knowledge. Ruby is also known to protect your home, family, and material possessions. It can expel negative energies from your path, improving concentration, creativity, and compassion.

Ruby is said to stimulate the heart chakra, promoting positive dreams and shielding against psychic attacks. Boosting joy, laughter, spontaneity, and courage, wear Ruby for an overwhelming amount of positive emotions. It may seem like a lot to take in all at once, but that is what makes it such a great stone for Sagittarius folk. They are innately drawn to extremes, making this nothing out of the ordinary.

Ruby Gem Focus by Chelsea Whitaker.


Chalcedony's pale blue color has the power to sooth us just from sight alone. It brings feelings of inner peace and helps to center emotional energy. Excellent for use in meditation, Chalcedony brings complete harmony to the mind, body, and spirit.

Chalcedony stimulates thought and flow, allowing us to take a deep breath before we speak to allow us to engage without intuition and then release from a positive place and not on impulse.

Blue Chalcedony stimulates mental flexibility and verbal flow, excellent to wear if you're trying to learn new skills or new languages- Chalcedony helps to improve ones memory. A necklace of Chalcedony opens the throat chakra, making it a favorite for public speaking. Chalcedony instill feelings of generosity and compassion to others.

Chalcedony's pale blue color is associated with Jupiter, Sagittarius' ruling planet and aids those born to this sign with keeping their focus on track and aiming their arrows high and true.

If you're looking to make big changes when it comes to balance in your life, Chalcedony would be excellent to keep close during the New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23rd. As the New Moon is a great time to set intentions moving forward, its falling at the beginning of this astrological season gives us an extra boost to our goals. Allow Chalcedony to help you infuse your voice and intuitions with truth and integrity.


Citrine opens the imagination, stimulates creativity, and gives a boost to your confidence and self expression. By revitalizing the mind and releasing negativity, Citrine balances the emotions and boosts the intellect.

Also known as a stone of abundance, Citrine attracts success, prosperity, happiness and all good things into your life. Promoting self-confidence and motivation, Citrine will help you get the job done.

Citrine acts as an Air element, blowing revitalizing energy to the Sagittarius flames this season. Wearing Citrine helps to keep your thoughts and energy positive, blocking out negative or overly self-critical feelings. Protective and full of joy, Citrine will absorb any negative energy around you and keep you grounded- excellent to wear if you need to have a difficult conversation but want to stay calm and compassionate.

A birthstone for our November Sagittarians, Citrine brings out their self-confidence and encourages them to go after their goals and dreams, while bestowing good fortune and success for those that connect with it's energy


Smoky Quartz is a natural variety of Quartz and carries all of the generic healing properties of Quartz, such as regulating energy, healing of all kinds (known as the "master healer"), and offsetting radiation. In addition, it is a powerful grounding stone, gently neutralizing negative energy and detoxifying on all levels. It can release fear, stress and anxiety, calming your emotions.

If you have been struggling with nightmares, sleep with Smoky Quartz near your bed or under your pillow. This can also help with dream manifestation. Wearing Smoky Quartz can help you feel more grounded and protected.

Smoky Quartz (edited) Gem Focus by Chelsea Whitaker


Important Dates for Sagittarius Season + Gemstones

November 23rd - New Moon in Sagittarius The season starts with a New Moon in Sagittarius that is ready for all your pent-up manifestations after the eclipse season. New moons are great times for setting goals and intentions for things you wish to bring into your life. This new moon is trine Jupiter in Pisces, giving it an excellent assist to tap into your dreams and make them a reality.

Work with Amethyst and/or Chalcedony for your New Moon intentions.

December 7th - Full Moon in Gemini (Cold Moon) The full moon in Gemini, also known as the Cold Moon, is a great time to hibernate so you can emerge on the other side renewed, which is great advice because this full moon is conjunct the Mars retrograde asking you to slow down. You can use this time to release what is no longer needed. A good gemstone to work with for letting go is Iolite.

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