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Gemstones for Sagittarius Season

Sagittarius Season is here to charge you up and bring new adventures into your world with rich tones of gemstone jewelry in Turquoise, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Green Aventurine, Carnelian, Obsidian, and Citrine. Call in Sagittarius energy this season with jewelry meant to bring the fire to help light your path.


Sagittarius Season: November 22nd to December 20th

Symbol: The Archer

Planetary Ruler: Jupiter

Element: Fire

Welcome back to Sagittarius season. It is a time of year marked by busy holiday get-togethers and reflections on what we have and sometimes what we are missing. Whether this season brings you joy or apprehension, remember to lead with kindness and compassion for yourself and others. Bring that Sagittarian optimism out and send out invites to people who need connection. 

This is also a great time of year to go out and do all the things, whether that means the stereotypical Sagittarius standing on a mountain vibe or just getting out of your house and socializing. Harness that restlessness into some fun!

But remember not to go overboard shopping for presents or partying this season. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which likes to go big or go home. Find the right balance for you.

Astrology by Casey Chafouleas


Gemstones for Sagittarius Season

Turquoise is a powerful gemstone beneficial to all of us. It is thought to be a renewing, boosting and clarifier of energy, especially when it comes to creativity communication, and leadership. Helping us to strengthen our convictions and bring an increase to ones personal power and courage. Turquoise stimulates the throat chakra, so you can feel confident to speak clearly and with truth.

Also useful in meditation, it's energy can be soothing and helps us boost our metal and spiritual abilities.

The birthstone for December and the gemstone most commonly associated with Sagittarius is Turquoise. Wearing Turquoise this season may be helpful to you in regards to concentration and calming feelings of restlessness, allowing for more clarity- especially helpful to wearers born under the sign of Sagittarius, and overall helpful for the rest of us during this season.

Turquoise is one of my favorite gemstones to stimulate the throat chakra and personally I wear close to my throat any time I'm in a situation where I need to be clear and confident in my words. This might come in extra handy this season as Merucry stations retrograde on December 13th- known to disrupt communication, travel, and how we process infomation, Turquoise could be just the gem we need to help keep ourselves in check.

For more details on Mercury Retrograde this season, view the Important Dates below.


Amethyst loves to boosts your creativity and help your mind flow freely, excellent for times we need to put our thinking caps on to make plans for the future or brainstorming new ideas and creative solutions.

Not only will Amethyst help us dream big for our futures, it might actually aid in remembering and understanding our dreams. Amethyst brings a sense of calm while we sleep, allowing the mind to rest all while warding off insominia.

We love Sagittarius' adventurous spirit- always ready for action and seeking new paths to discover. But that eagerness for adventure and courage to speak openly can sometimes cause them to pop-off without thinking it through or lead them into uncertain situations. Wearing Amethyst's protective energy can help our fire friends (or any of us!) be shielded from negative energies and protect us from getting hot-headed while also keeping us clear about our feelings. Look to Amethyst to calm the vibe, without putting out the flame.


Smoky Quartz is a natural variety of Quartz and carries all the same healing properties of it's clearer cousin. Balancing and regulating energies, Smoky Quartz helps us stay grounded and neutralize negative energies in ones environment.

If you're looking to detoxify you mind, Smoky Quartz can aid you in the release of stress, anxiety, racing thoughts, and unfounded fears. Smoky Quartz is calming and soothing for our emotions.

If you have been struggling with nightmares, sleep with Smoky Quartz near your bed or under your pillow. This can also help with dream manifestation. Wearing Smoky Quartz can help you feel more grounded and protected whatever life throws at you this season.


Green Aventurine is used to promote open-mindedness, with the ability to see alternatives and possibilities. Encouraging optimism, Green Aventurine brings practual enthusiasm and balance to our day to day interactions.

A stone of prosperity, Green Aventurine is seen as a "good luck" stone as it heightens mental clarity and simulates perception. Boosting our leadership skills and compassion keep Aventurine close as you pursue goals for your future.

Overall, Green Aventuring is a wonderful all-around healing gemstone. It can bring emotional clamness, help dissolve negative thoughts or feelings. Its connection to the Heart Chakra makes Green Aventurine a great comfort stone and heart healer.


Carnelian helps to promotes positive life choices, while motivating you for success. By boosting your willpower, vitality, and courage; Carnelian can give you the confidence to make powerful decisions when needed.

Stimulating creativity and passion, Carnelian adds a bit of fire and spice to achieving your goals and sparking motivation. Carnelian can give you the courage and tenacity to embrace ones life purpose and self-worth.

Harness some of that Sagittarius spark by wearing Carnelian this season to give yourself a jumpstart on goals for the new year ahead with it's incredible transformitive powers. Carnelian can ignite the fire within us all, while it also has a stabilizing quality to help us stay focused and on track.

Turn to Carnelian on December 12th for the New Moon in Sagittarius to call in the regenerative powers of this fire moon.

To read more about the New Moon in Sagittarius, visit the Important Dates below.


Obsidian brings clarity and support during times of change with it's qualities of compassion and strength. Strongly protective, Obsidian forms a shield around you to block negativity and tension, breaking down mental blockages and stimulating growth on all levels.

Promoting truth and balance Obsidian guides us in facing ourselves and keeps us grounded as we work though transformative times of self discovery.

Never shying away from travel or adventure, Sagittatius season energy may have you feeling ready to pounce on new opportunities, projects, or travel plans. Wear Obisdian this season for it's protective qualities when visiting new or unfamiliar enviroments, helping to shield you against external negativity while keeping you grounded and calm.


Citrine balances the emotions, boosts the intellect, and stimulates the brain. By driving out depression, fears and releasing negativity, Citrine can help you revitalize your mind, and promote more self-confidence and motivation.

A stone for abundance, Citrine attracts prosperity, success, and creativity into your life. Boosting feelings of joy and self confidence, Citrine fans your fire to accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

Wearing Citrine helps to keep your thoughts and energy positive, blocking out negative or overly self-critical feelings. Protective and full of joy, Citrine will absorb any negative energy around you and keep you grounded- excellent to wear if you need to have a difficult conversation but want to stay calm and compassionate.

A birthstone for our November Sagittarians, Citrine brings out their self-confidence and encourages them to go after their goals and dreams, while bestowing good fortune and success for those that connect with it's energy.

Consider working with Citrine on November 27th on the Full Moon in Gemini to help you get out of you own way and looking to the life you want to create.


Important Dates during Sagittarius Season

November 27th Full Moon in Gemini

This moon brings opportunities to break down walls that have been in your way. Get clear on what you need in your life and make a plan to create it. Sometimes, we need some friction to get us in motion, which is this full moon’s energy.

Dec 12th New Moon in Sagittarius

This new moon in Sagittarius brings the regenerative powers of fire. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, you have the chance to shed your pain and become a new version of yourself. One that is wiser and ready for whatever is next. 

Dec 13th Mercury Retrograde begins (ends January 1st)

Mercury retrograde begins less than 24 hours after the new moon in Sagittarius. This retrograde starts in Capricorn and ends in Sagittarius. At the beginning, we contemplate the “how?” and by the end, we consider the “why?”. How will we get the answers we need, but more importantly, are they even the right questions? That’s for you to decide. 

Once Mercury slides back into Sagittarius, during Capricorn season, remember to keep the tone of your communication in check. Sagittarius can have a biting “tell it like it is” quality at times that can get you in trouble.

Don’t forget the standard good hygiene for Mercury retrogrades. Slow down and pay attention. Mercury is the planet that rules communication, travel, and our mind and how we process. You may encounter technical glitches or feel mentally bogged down during these periods. Double-check your messages before sending, allow extra trip time, and grant yourself additional mental space.

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