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New Moon + New Jewelry

Silver Elements Gemstone Earrings: Turquoise, Iolite, Chrysoprase + Green Onyx, Carnelian by Christina Holland Designs.
Silver Elements Gemstone Earrings: Turquoise, Iolite, Chrysoprase + Green Onyx, Carnelian.

"The New Moon represents new beginnings and is a great time for setting intentions for the future. Because it is also a partial Solar Eclipse, that brings its own burst of new, exciting energy. You may feel the urge to splurge on something extra. And because Taurus leans into luxury, now is the perfect time to do just that."

Whenever the New Moon comes along I'm always drawn towards shaking things up to welcome in some new energy- mentally, physically, and within my spaces too.

Adornment is a powerful tool we can easily utilize to welcome new energy into our lives. With jewelry not only does it add a new pop to your wardrobe, it can also make one feel fresh and revived with a needed boost to your spirit.

We can also look to the meanings behind the gemstones to encourage other new beginnings. Keep reading for insight into the gemstone properties within this latest collection and see if anything speaks to you in this transformative time.



A courageous and restorative stone, Carnelian will give your motivation a boost and stimulate your creativity.

Use to overcome anger or negative thinking, Carnelian will help replace it with love and postive thinking.

Restoring ones vitality and happiness, this stone can also give a boost to your sexuality!



A stone to promote truth and honesty, healing relationships while bringing a sense of security and trust.

Chrysoprase stimulates the heart helping to sooth inner emotions connected to past events and experiences.

Supports independence and acceptance of oneself and others.



The Vision Stone, Iolite helps to clear the mind, balances thoughts, and opens ones intuition. Freeing one from the expectations of others, Iolite encourages self-expression and new ways of thinking.

With it's connection to the 3rd Eye chakra, Iolite is helpful to travels, helping one find their way- physically, mentally, and spiritually.



A most nurturing and protective stone, Jade welcomes harmony and balance to the wearer.

Its tranquil energy calms the mind, stimulating wisdom and stability.

Known as a luck stone, Jade will also help to attract love and friendships.



With it's grounding and calming properties, Labradorite helps to reduce anxiety allowing the mind and body to relax.

This stone will stimulate your imagination, welcoming in new ideas, creativity, and prophetic dreams.



An excellent stone for new beginnings. Moonstones has nurturing and soothing energy that will help one with inner growth, providing strength and stability.

Moonstone promotes success, abundance, and good fortune in life and business ventures.



Promoting positive thinking and expelling negative thoughts, Turquoise helps to balance our energies.

Turquoise stimulates the throat chakra, helping one get their words out truthfully and encouraging open and clear conversations.


You'll find all the new designs showcased here and more on my website release on Friday, April 29th at 12pm Tucson time.


Special shout out to my amazing social media coordinator, Chelsea Whitaker for the opening statement about this month's New Moon + Solar Eclipse.

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