Brass Elements Cuff Bracelets

(each piece sold seperately)


Handcrafted Brass cuff bracelet.

Ooak, with individual hand-stamped designs.


Choose from the following:

*when you select/click an option from the drop down menu it should show the picture of the correlating bracelet cuff.


a. 5.75 in  (sm-med)

b. 6.25 in  (med-sm)

c. 6 in  (med)

d. 6 in  (med)

e. 5.75 in  (sm-med)

f. 5.5 in  (sm-med)

g. 6.5 in  (lg)


To determine size, I suggest measuring around your write with a tape measure to get the circumference of your wrist and then go down 1/2 inch to 1 inch.

** Alterations to size DOWN any of these bracelets is possible, please contact me to discuss.


*Cuffs have an opening within their design to allow you to fit the bracelet on without "opening & closing" it (bending), which can cause the metal to work-harden & break eventually. I suggest gental adjustments when you first receive it to get the perfect fit, then always put on & remove your bracelet by turning it to slide over the smallest part of your wrist.

Brass Elements: Cuff Bracelets

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