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Hammered Hoops Necklaces

(each piece sold separately)


Handformed and hammered hoop pendants in Sterling Silver, Brass, or Copper,

paired with large Cherry Blossom Agate Power Pendant gemstones.


Choose from:

  • Brass (golden) $89
  • Sterling Silver $159
  • Copper (rosey) $89


Necklace has a 28 inch long chain, with adjustable links.

Pendant measure approx 1 inch wide, by 3.5 inches long.


When making your selection, choose from the group photo, reading from left to right:

  • A: $89 Brass option with a light toned gemstone
  • B: SOLD Copper option with a dark toned gemstone
  • C: $159 Sterling Silver option with a small druzy pocket
  • D: SOLD Copper option with some green-ish pockets
  • E: SOLD Brass option with a dark tone gemstone


Hammered Hoops: Cherry Blossom Agate Power Pendant Necklaces

PriceFrom $89.00