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My name is Christina Holland, I am an artist, adventurer, and full-time jeweler. I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in early April on a New Moon in Aries. That Aries fire drives me to try new things and the focus to push myself to keep learning and evolving. With jewelry, I get to create my own magick.

The textures I imprint into my designs tell the stories of my childhood spent in the north woods of Minnesota, roaming the forest around our home and rummaging through discarded bits and rusted pieces in my dad’s classic car and junk graveyard. In that strange universe, old cars rusted to give way to new patinas, and lichen grew across their hoods with the recognizable emblems- reclaiming the vehicle to the Earth and changing it’s legacy. Dragging along my little red wagon, accompanied by the family golden Labrador Susie, we’d descend into the woods for hours. Collecting specimens and treasures of rocks, and weathered glass- smoothed to a matte finish from years abandoned in the dramatic Minnesota seasons. Memories of my early days creep into my mind now and again, then disappear- like pulling apart dandelions and pussy willows to watch their seeds and innards drift away into the humid summer air.

I spent my youth and early adult years in Minnesota- discovering myself and refining my craft. With an early interest in jewelry around 8 years old, my designs have evolved over time and taken a journey with me as I’ve grown. On one such journey I found myself in Tucson, AZ- a place I had never considered, but one I found myself inexplicably drawn to. It took some years, but the Sonoran Desert of Tucson is where I now call home. I moved here with my partner and fur-babies in 2015, ready to experience a whole new environment than the landscape of our Minnesota upbringings. The wild and relentless desert with it’s arid climate, striking mountains, and scent of creosote, has fanned new air through my Aries fires, helping to guide me along my current journey as an artist and jeweler.

My jewelry is handcrafted in my home studio on the far west side of Tucson where I mix all of those elements and visuals together with my memories, filling them with empowering and positive energies- to pour them out through my hands and into the blank metal surfaces within my workshop to tell you my stories, to share with you my magick.

Christina lives outside the city in a rural area of Tucson, AZ with her partner and fur babies. In their spare time, Christina and Weston (Westina) love being outside! This includes: gardening, hiking, camping, yardwork or just chillin in their backyard.

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