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November's Charitable Donation: Warrior Women Project

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Handcrafted Brass Elements Earrings in Garnet & Coral
Brass Elements Earrings in Garnet & Coral

In July I made a pledge to donate 10% of my monthly sales to an organization that is working towards helping vulnerable or under represented people; or otherwise trying to change our world for the better of all. It's one small commitment I can make every month.

The organization that will receive 10% of my sales throughout the month of November is the: Warrior Women Project.

"The Warrior Women Project is an innovative collaboration of scholarship, media, and activism that seeks to provide a forum for the Warrior Women of the Red Power Movement and current indigenous activists to tell their stories in their own words for the benefit of future generations."

As we honor Native American Heritage month this November, 10% from your purchases will be donated to the Warrior Women Project to help further their mission to preserve their stories and life experiences. The choice to support the Warrior Women Project this month also nods to welcoming in a new era where women of color will be welcomed to the table to continue to guide our country with their strength, courage, and intelligence. Not only have we elected a woman of color as our new Vice President, New Mexico has made history by filling all four of their House seats with Native Women. These actions have helped to restore hope for many women, girls, and People of Color now and many generations to come.

For every sale I receive through the month of November I will donate 10% to the Warrior Women Project. Sales are totaled at the end of each month, rounding up to the nearest $5 to make the donation within the first 1-3 days of the following month.


For the month of October I chose the African American Breast Cancer Alliance, who's mission is "Educating and supporting African Americans in their journeys with breast cancer and survivorship. Building awareness, networking, resources and support for Black women and men impacted by breast cancer." Thanks to all your purchases throughout October I was able to donated $330 to their organization.

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