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October's Charitable Donation: African American Breast Cancer Alliance

In July I made a pledge to donate 10% of my monthly sales to an organization that is working towards helping vulnerable or under represented people; or otherwise trying to change our world for the better of all. It's one small commitment I can make every month.


The organization that will receive 10% of sales throughout the month of October is the:

"Educating and supporting African Americans in their journeys with breast cancer and survivorship. Building awareness, networking, resources and support for Black women and men impacted by breast cancer.

From its inception, AABCA is committed to sharing crucial and life affirming information about breast cancer to Black women that have the highest mortality rate in the U.S. and to promote the benefits of early detection and treatment.  AABCA provides emotional and social support for breast cancer patients and survivors to help them have better recovery experiences as they cope with this disease.

AABCA is recognized locally and nationally for its collaborative efforts and innovative educational materials.  “Being There” has been our motto from the beginning and has expanded into “Share, Support, Survive” as our outreach efforts grow."

For every sale I receive through the month of October I will donate 10% to the AABCA. Sales are totaled at the end of each month, rounding up to the nearest $5 to make the donation within the first 1-3 days of the following month.


For the month of Sept I chose the Children's Defense Fund, who's mission is "an America where no child lives in poverty & all children have the opportunities they need to reach their full potential". Thanks to your purchases in September I was able to contribute $100 to the cause today.

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