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The Sonder Collection for Corazon (Mpls/St Paul)

Brass Elements in Lapis Lazuli, hand-cut, hand-stamped.

While my birthday is in April (making it my favorite month!)- It seems like I always book a big event or showcase during that time and I tend to focus on celebrating that more then my day. Jewelry and designing my one-of-a-kind collections is my passion, to it feels right to carry on this "birthday tradition"!

April 2018 I flew all the way up to my home state of Minnesota and set up a 3 month showcase at the fab boutique, Corazon- locations in both Minneapolis and St Paul. Since it was my birthday weekend, my partner and I flew first class (for the first time!) thanks to a surprise upgrade from my sweet mama!

Yours truly, Christina Holland, w/my jewelry collection at CorAzoN on Selby Ave

The gracious owner of Corazon, Susan Zdon, hosted me for the opening and helped me celebrate my birthday with champagne, strawberries, and even a gluten free cake just for me! I'm so grateful to everyone that came out to see me that day- familiar faces and new! Many pieces found new homes that day and I'm so grateful to everyone at Corazon for the amazing opportunity!

I had such a blast putting this collection together and the entire weekend was more then I could have dreamed! I hope to put another collection together for Corazon in the future- and who knows, maybe another shop in another city! I love traveling and visiting new places- so if you're reading this and you have a shop, or know of one you'd like to see me at- hit me up!

Christina Holland Designs, Sticks & Stones Jewelry in Sterling Silver & Turquoise.

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