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Spring Updates for the CHD Site

Every year as Spring approaches I start to feel the itch to make changes, clear space, and welcome in new ideas and designs... and this year is no different. So buckle up and keep reading to learn more about what's in store for CHD in Spring of 2024!


As I closed out 2023 I was already in the planning stages to make the leap from Wix to Shopify for my web host. I'd been thinking this over for quite sometime due to wanting more ecommerce options for my small business, but the catalyst for me was seeing Wix's stance on the crisis in the Middle East. After digging in further on the issue (it wasn't good), that was all I needed to make the leap.

I wish this transition could happen faster, as I've begun work on the new site with Shopify I'm reminded of how low-tech I really am. My hope was to launch the new site mid-March, but after looking over my schedule I've adjusted my goal to allow me to get through the majority of my Spring markets and events so I don't exhaust myself. My new timeline to launch the new site is now mid/end-April.


Now that you know why I'm moving and what my timeline is, here's a few other updates and things to keep in mind during this transitional period.

New Designs + Website Restocks: All NEW designs and collections will only be available at my Spring Markets and Events until we move to the new site. Juggling markets and web-restocks can be a lot to handle, now throw in a website build + move and yikes- I need to adjust to make things manageable. Photographing new work and typing up listings take time and energy, so putting a pause on new listings to this old site will not only help me stay focused on my current tasks, it'll cut down on what I'll need to transfer to the new site.

Astrology Collections: The same goes for my Astrology Collections- the last one to make it to this website is the Pisces Collection (available now)- the last sign of the zodiac and the end of that astrological year. While I plan to continue to create astro-inspired collections for each season moving forward, the blog I typically created for each new collection will take a pause here and then a revamp for the new site. Stay tuned.

CHD Blog: Speaking of my blog- I am planning to move pretty much everything over to the new site; sans some special event posts that no longer apply. I've poured my heart and soul into my blog and there's no chance I'm leaving it behind.

Moving Sale: I ran a big moving sale in February as my plan was to try to make the move in March, but with my new timeline I'm extending the sale until my last day on the Wix platform (official date TBA). I've added a TON of new items to my SALE section, including some items I that only had a 20% off markdown in February sale. These items are now all marked down to a minimum of 40% off.

Buy TWO get ONE Free: I've also decided to keep the BOGO deal running in the SALE section until we leave this platform! Simply add at least 3 items in your cart and enter code: MOVING at checkout. Free item is given to the lowest priced item in your cart.

*Keep in mind that ALL of the items listed in the SALE section will only be available online, I won't carry any of them to my market booths this season. Feel free to order from the SALE section a couple days before a local market/event and pick up your order in-person. Also keeping in mind NONE of these items will get re-listed to the new website. Hurray for a little spring cleaning!


I think that's about it at this time- but I'll keep you all in the know with any new updates as we progress. At this time, I'm looking at AFTER the New Moon on April 8th to shut down this site and initiate the domain transfer. Feel free to send me all the good vibes for a smooth transition for CHD.

Thanks for your love and support- I can't wait to share my new site with you all!

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