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Gemstone Focus: Black Onyx

hand cut Sterling Silver earrings with a night time mountain scene hand stamped into the metal. Metal hangs like a basket from smooth, round Black Onyx gemstones.
Silver Elements Earrings in Black Onyx

It's easy to love Black Onyx just on looks alone as it seamlessly combines a classic style with a cool, even edgy look. But it's also easy to love Black Onyx for it's healing and metaphysical properties too. Keep reading to learn more on this intoxicating stone.


Key Words for Black Onyx:

Strong, Protective, Balance, Wisdom, Grounded, Authenticity, Focus, Stamina.

Black Onyx is an excellent gem worn as an amulet to guard against negative energy, deflecting those energies from attaching itself to the wearer. It can also help you work through and channel feelings of negativity or resentment you might be carrying- helping you work through and resolve your issues to help you reach a better place. Great for use in shadow work. In relationships this stone will balance emotions and ward off disharmony, allowing you to clear the path and restore balance when your stability is rocked.

Wearing Black Onyx will give you a boost to your self-confidence, drive motivation, and propel your forward in life. Giving you plenty of energy to pursue your dreams, goals, and ambitions for the future. Black Onyx helps to open pathways to wisdom and knowledge, making it a perfect stone to use when needing to make difficult decisions or find creative focus. Turn to Black Onyx in your workspace to bring clarity and mental focus to stay on task.

Because of it's ability to channel and process difficult energies, Black Onyx can be helpful to mediums and spiritual healers. With it's grounding and protective energies it can also help to support you in times of overwhelming stress, grief, and sadness. Stimulating ones sense-of-self, Black Onyx will help you through hardships without losing yourself. Helps to clear worries, process difficult information, and release emotional burdens.

Soothing feelings of anger, frustration, or nervousness, Black Onyx will help you reconcile conflicts from the past. Use it in times of recovery as it encourages your body to focus on healing- excellent for stimulating ones willpower when healing from addictions. Supportive energies will help you stay focused so you can break those bad habits, and aids in replacing negative feelings with hope.


Black Onyx and the zodiac signs (a work in progress):

  • Leo- Helps fiery Leo's stay cool while keeping their anger and emotions in check. Helps them feel confidence and at peace..

  • Gemini- Helps keep Gemini's mind focused and grounded by balancing the air element.


  • Chakra : Root Chakra, can also be used with the Solar Plexus and Third Eye Chakras.

  • Birthstone : Leo

  • Zodiac : Gemini, Leo, Capricorn, Scorpio.

  • Element : Earth

  • Planet : Saturn

  • Anniversary: 10th year

  • Mohs Hardness Scale: 6.5-7


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