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So you want to know a little about me...

Christina Holland Designs

Hi- I’m Christina, the sole maker of everything Christina Holland Designs. I wanted to take a rare moment to share a photo of my face (!!!) & introduce myself, it’s long overdue! . I’m mostly self-taught, but I did take a jewelry metals program in college, & did a 6mos stint in a fine jewelers studio. I like to design organically, flowing w/the shapes & textures as I work- it’s how I roll. . I live outside the city in a rural area of Tucson, AZ. I moved here w/my partner, a few of my family members & our fur babies from northern Minnesota almost 4 years ago! We own neighboring properties- working together towards our goal of living off the land more as time passes. . I am a RABID supporter of handmade & local businesses whenever possible. I even owned a small boutique back in the day w/over 60 artists/makers at its closing in 2011. . If you dig astrology: I’m an Aries, my Moon, Venus, & Mars are all in Aries. Add Leo rising, & you get a full blown fire sign. I’m a fierce AF friend, lover, & of course- fighter. Weather it’s physically or mentally, I tend to be in go-mode all the time, it can be exhausting & cause me to crash hard. I crave nature & cat snuggles to help me recharge. . I have an intolerance for any kind of discriminatory behavior (racism, homophobia, rape culture, etc...)& I will stand up to that shit every single time regardless of who/what/where/when. I believe our cultural diversity is what makes us awesome. I continue to self reflect my own behaviors & privilege-striving to stay open minded, cultivating love & acceptance in an ever changing world. My motto for 2019 has been “I can do better”. . Super random tidbits: I have a degree in special FX make-up & love monster movies. I’m “musically promiscuous”, enjoying music of all genres from doom metal to the Cats musical. Speaking of cats- I might be a cat whisperer, we just get each other. The weirdest thing I collect is bits of string- I stuff them into a jar & delight in the matted colours & textures. . That’s MORE than enough for now. If you’ve come this far... Thank you, your love & support mean the absolute WORLD to me!

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