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Your Jewelry Order + How to Score a Shop Credit

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

I was boxing up an order the other day and thought it'd be fun to show you what you can expect when you place an order from me. Read through to find out how you can score some store credit by returning your boxes!


Each order comes with a hand written card from me to you! If you're sending your order as a gift, I can also send a special greeting from you.

I love to give back to the artist & maker community whenever possible, so all the cards you receive have come from individual artists, or small business that carry local, handcrafted goods.

*The card pictured here comes from a local favorite here in Tucson, Pop-Cycle who helps to inspire our community to reuse & up-cycle!

Inside the box you'll find a black organza bag with your jewelry inside. Little jewelry pouches like this are great for keeping your jewelry stored in while not wearing, or when traveling so it doesn't tangle.

Did you find a good use for the twine? I like to save mine to wrap around a bundle of flowers/herbs to dry, or even used it to give a little texture on a wide brimmed hat!

Bonus: Dry some flower/herbs with your twine, then put the dried bits into the organza bag for a scented satchel!

If you ordered a couple small items, or anything Sterling Silver- you might find it in a baggie w/a small black piece of paper... that's an anti-tarnish paper that helps keep silver from naturally oxidizing in the air. Go ahead & keep that piece in your jewelry box when storing any sterling or brass pieces when not in wear.

But just in case your piece does need a little pick me up (I mean, don't we all occasionally?), I include a Sunshine cloth for polishing your Sterling, Brass, and Gold jewelry in every order.

*Copper can also perk up from a bit of polishing, but since most of my copper jewelry has a darker patina to it, I don't always send one along. If you order copper jewelry that would benefit from a polishing cloth- I will send you one!

In the box you'll find a couple of business cards. They both have my logo & website listed on the front, my go-to business card I generally hand out use a variety of photos of my work on the back.

The second card you can see here has a little about me & some policies, like how I show up on your card statements, or what happens if something ever breaks or needs an adjustment. It's a good one to stash away, just in case!

If you ever want a few extra picture back cards to hand out when someone compliments your fab style in jewelry- just leave me a note when placing an order, or drop me a line & I'll send some out to you!


I hope this gives you a better idea of what to expect when you order from my website. As for bubble mailers, boxes, and other items for shipping- ALL bubble wrap, tissue paper, and other "protective" elements are all reused & recycled. While I typically send my jewelry order USPS Flat Rate Shipping w/Insurance, I do use a variety of bubble mailers & small boxes to ship out some orders. More recently I've been doing research into more environmentally friendly packaging, and other shipping options for you all too. Stay tuned.

Now, you've made it this far and as promised- I'm going to tell you how you and I can help each other reuse my branded packaging!

If you have some of my Christina Holland Designs stamped boxes that are still in good condition (not ripped, crushed, or stained)- you can return those boxes to me in exchange for a credit on your next purchase, either on the spot or I can issue you a gift card for later.

While I think there are a million good uses for a little organza bag- if you have a bunch of them you've picked up from me and they are still looking good- go ahead and return those too! I use to use red organza, so if you have any of those- I'll accept them back as well!

- Boxes:

One box = $1, Three boxes = $5, Six or more boxes = $10

- Black Organza Bags:

Three bags = $2, Six bags = $5

You're always welcome to bring these items to me in person at one of my art fairs or markets throughout the year (check my EVENT page for info). If you're out of state, but have a collection of boxes/bags you'd like to send me for a credit, contact me to work out the shipping details.

Every little bit we can reduce, reuse, recycle, & up-cycle, we are helping to preserve our planet for generations to come.

- Christina Holland

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