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Elemental Essentials September Box: Dreams

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

The September Elemental Essentials Box is the thing Dreams are made of, a curation of goods and experiences to encourage a restful sleep and pleasant dreams.

When I first began planning for the subscription boxes I knew I wanted to do a collection around one of my most fan-favorite designs, the sterling silver and 14k gold-fill Hammered Hoops. These hoops are the perfect "everyday" earrings. They are lightweight, comfortable, and go with everything. I've worn mine hiking, sleeping, and even under my ear protection while hammering other hoops in my studio. Another bonus to this style of hoop earrings is it's easy to add a lightweight charm or dangle to the hoop and get a whole new look. From time to time I like to make a few pairs with a removable gemstone dangle, offering extras to mix and match at my markets.

I thought these hoops would make the perfect piece of jewelry for the Elemental Essentials Dreams box.

  • Each box come with one pair of small sterling silver Hammered Hoops in either a rounded shape or a triangle, with two sets of interchangeable gemstone dangles. The gemstones used in this collection have a focus on getting a restful nights sleep & focus on dreams.

  • To compliment the dreamy vibes I collaborated with my dear friend Amanda of Felicity Howells designs to create a herbal scented eye pillow/mask to help sooth you to sleep with a custom blend of sleep/dream enhancing dried flowers and herbs.

  • As a bonus this month we nod back to our very first box, New Beginnings, with a simple and soothing mediation ritual from Melisa of the Ninth House.

Gemstones in the Dream Collection:

  • Moonstone: A nurturing gemstone to relax you into a peaceful sleep, and guards against insomnia and nightmares. Moonstone taps into the energy of the Moon and can act as a psychic protector. It may encourage vivid dreams, aiding in unlocking secrets of your subconscious.

  • Labradorite: While relieving stress and anxiety, Labradorite calms the overactive mind in order to help balance our brain activity while we rest. A spiritually grounding stone, it can help you recall your dreams and uncover the messages in our dreams of things that could be holding us back.

  • Kyanite (blue): Excellent stone to bring balance & tranquility, allowing for a calming effect on ones being. Kyanite encourages dream recall and can help you find healing within your dream state. Does not hold onto negative energies & drives away feelings of anger, frustration, and stress.

  • Citrine: Brings joy, boosts self-esteem & balances emotions. Citrine is a recharging & protective stone, it can help to release negativity in oneself, drive out depression & fears. Energizes all levels of life & attracts prosperity & happiness.

  • Peridot: A powerful cleanser, Peridot helps to reduce stress, frustrations & guilt. It sharpens the mind bringing awareness, allowing us to find healing & growth. It can open your heart to new relationships & spark joy.

  • Tanzanite: A stone of transformation & moderation, Tanzanite invites you to slow down, finding composure & inspiration. As it enhances our healing & facilitates communication, Tanzanite can help you move forward with optimism & harmony.

  • Rose Quartz: A soothing stone used for relaxation, comfort & healing. Rose Quartz is a universal love stone, bringing self-love, self-worth & unconditional love. It's calming affect can help you sleep deeply & bring inner feelings of peace.

  • Amethyst- A protective stone, Amethyst brings feelings of inner peace, allowing us to heal the body, mind & spirit. It is used to help relieve insomnia, as well as to aid in remembering & understanding our dreams. It can help you connect with your higher self & even encourage lucid dreaming.

You can find more info on these gemstones and other by checking out my guide to gemstones blog post, here.

Handmade eye pillow sleep masks by Felicity Howells

The maker behind Felicity Howells is my amazing friend Amanda. I've been a fan of her designs and wearable goods since she rolled into Tucson a few years ago. Since then we've collaborated on photo shoots & shared booth spaces at local markets. Amanda was one of the first people I reached out to for collaborations for the Elemental Essentials Box and I was thrilled when she came up with the idea for a eye pillow. She asked me if I would do my thing and make an herbal blend to ease us into rest and relaxation. Most of the dried flowers and herbs were harvested by yours truly right here on my homestead, the Chamomile, Lemon Blam, and Bay were purchased locally at the Ninth House.

This herbal blend was created with good intentions under the Full Moon on September 1st.

Lavender- relaxing, stress release

Chamomile- peaceful drreams

Eucalyptus- protection, rids bad dreams

Rosemary- rids bad dreams & headaches

Lemon Balm- calming

Rose- love & happy dreaming

Bay- wisdom

+ just a sprinkle of Creosote to honor the desert where our garden grows.

Dream Ritual by Melisa from the Ninth House

In the very first Elemental Essentials Box I invited Melisa, the proprietress of the Ninth House to create a simple ritual of New Beginnings. She included one for me and it has set the tone for each box since. I asked her to come back again for the Dreams box to help us clear our minds and set the intentions for our night of rest. Inviting us to make time to slow down.

Angelite: A calming, tranquil stones that promotes spiritual connection, brings comfort and reassurance that you are being watched over and ard for. Asssits with communication and throat chakra healing.


Before I sign out I wanted to talk a little about the amazing connections with the lovely people that subscribe to this box and really everyone that follows me. You all truly feel like a little family to me. I love seeing your posts when you get your boxes, modeling your jewelry, and even sending me the kindest, sweetest messages... You're all incredible and I'm so glad you're here with me.

It's with this in mind I want to share some news regarding one of our Elemental Essentials family members, Faith "Emma" Soto. I've known Emma and her family for many years, I was tickled when both her and her sister Hannah subscribed- theirs are the only boxes sent outside of my home state of Minnesota or current home state of Arizona. Their boxes travel to the beautiful Pacific Northwest of Oregon.

We've all heard about the wildfires burning across the West Coast and devastating communities and wildlife. A little over a week ago Emma shared that they had to evacuate their home as the wildfires were getting too close, and I waited everyday to see her and her families updates on the situation- holding onto hope that their homes would be spared. Sadly, Emma lost her home and belongings to this tragedy. Something most of us will never experience, but the mere thought of hits you deep within.

You may know how difficult it is to ask for help or support while trying to overcome tragedy and move forward. The last thing anyone should worry about is how your going to pay for necessities or the things needed to rebuild. I reached out to Emma a few days ago to firstly send my love and sympathy. I let her know I would be refunding her payment of this months box and I'd be sending it as a gift instead- a gift to stimulate peaceful sleep and rest felt right. I also asked for her permission to share her story with all you amazing people in hopes you are in a position to offer support for her and her household. I know we've all been opening our hearts, minds, and wallets a lot more this year, but if you are in a position to give a little more they could sure use it.

At this time they don't have a GoFundMe set up, but when/if that time comes I'll update here. Instead you can donate to Emma via PayPal or her Venmo account: @Faith-Wambach

Thank you.


Here's a look at more of the Dreams Collection for the September edition of


Each month I select a different organization to donate 10% of my monthly profits.

For September I chose the Children's Defense Fund.

Profits from the Elemental Essentials Box are included in that donation.


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