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Gemstones for Aquarius Season

The Aquarius Collection: Handcrafted jewelry by Christina Holland Designs using gemstones of Amethyst, Garnet, Black Onyx, Green Aventurine, Moonstone, and Chalcedony; in metals of Sterling silver, 14k Gold-fill, and Copper.

Aquarius Season is here, ushering in a time of thinking outside the box and taking bold steps towards the future. This new collection nods to this Air element sign with designs that sway, and gemstones that encourage creative thinking; all the while keeping us grounded and emotionally balanced to take the path less chosen.


Aquarius Season

Symbol: The Water Bearer/Carrier

Planetary Ruler: Saturn

Element: Air

Something big is happening this Aquarius season that will shift the energy for the next 20 years, give or take. On Jan 20th, the Sun and Pluto, both at 29 degrees of Capricorn, will make the leap to 0 degrees Aquarius within hours of each other. While Pluto briefly gave us an Aquarius preview last year before moving retrograde back into Capricorn, this is no longer a sneak peek. And while we have one final retrograde back into Capricorn at the end of the year, we can consider that it’s final bow. The Aquarius show starts now. 

The sign of Aquarius is cutting edge, altruistic, logic before emotions, and focused on the good of the many above the few. This kind of idealism is what the world greatly needs now. And Pluto is a planet of powerful transformation. Together they are taking us somewhere new. It’s about time. Let’s go!

The Aquarian nature stands with the crowd fighting in solidarity for change, but that doesn’t mean they follow the crowd. They are the leaders who aren’t afraid to speak up, call out injustice, and organize groups around movements. They are the social justice warriors of the zodiac. Harness that seasonal energy for good, just as they want you to.

Aquarius has the capacity to examine even the most emotionally charged situations from a logical distance to allow for clarity. Clear heads prevail but remember not to detach too much because empathy is a gift. 

The symbol of Aquarius is the Water Bearer, so why isn’t it a water sign? Because it is a RULE BREAKER. And the water is more like a purification filter that restores everything it touches. So be like an Aquarius this season and don’t be afraid to defy the norms.

Astrology by Casey Chafouleas


Gemstones for Aquarius Season

Amethyst is a protective stone that brings feelings of inner peace to the beholder. Amethyst aids us in healing the body, mind & spirit. This courageous gemstone protects the wearer from negative energies.

Often used to help relieve insomnia, Amethyst brings a sense of calm as we sleep, as well as with aiding in remembering & understanding our dreams. It can help you connect with your higher self & even encourage lucid dreaming.

Amethyst also gives a boost to your creativity, helping the mind flow freely, making it excellent to have around when you're brainstorming and planning for the future.

The main birthstone for February Aquarians, Amethyst can help you feel more level, calmer, and even enhance your intuition. Use Amethyst to calm the vibe, without putting a dampener on the mood. Another important aspect of Amethyst is its connection to the spiritual side of ourselves, connect with amethyst to open your heart to what's beyond.

Turn to Amethyst on the New Moon in Aquarius on February 9th to stimulate your creative thinking to dream up your intentions for the year ahead.


Chalcedony brings feelings of inner peace and helps to center emotional energy. Excellent to use in meditation, Chalcedony brings complete harmony to the mind, body, and spirit.

Stimulating thought and flow, Chalcedony helps us to take a deep breath before we speak to allow us to engage with our intuition and then release from a positive place and not on impulse. Chalcedony stimulates mental flexibility and helps to improve ones memory.

Look to Chalcedony during Aquarius Season to help bring you back to center if you've been feeling unfocused since the start of the year. Chalcedony can help you communicate your goals and give you a social boost- stimulating optimism, creativity, and togetherness.


Black Onyx helps us connect with the earth, bringing a feeling of stability by calming feelings of aggression. Helping us harness our inner power, Black Onyx transforms negative energies into positive ones while soothing our emotions.

Helping us clear out the negative and turn towards ourselves, Black Onyx can help aid the flow of creativity and focus. Black Onyx lets us to connect to our sense of self so that you can make wise choices and feel clear in your authenticity.

Wear Black Onyx as an amulet for protection and grounding, especially if you've got a difficult conversation or are dealing with feelings of stress or grief. Black Onyx can help guide you to releasing painful emotions without losing touch with yourself or those you hold dear.


Silver is known to attract and retain positive energy without changing it, making it so perfect to be used in jewelry. It has the ability to capture whatever energy a gemstone has- and enhance it. Because of its reflective nature, Silver also repels or reflects away negative energy, making it protective and energy enhancing at the same time.

Believed to have positive effects on physical health, Silver is said to boost immunity, cleansing and purifying.

Like the Moon, Silver is reflective, psychic and balancing. In fact, the Moon and Silver have almost the same properties, making them connected and energy enhancers for one another. Wearing Silver on a significant Moon centric events, like a Full Moon or New Moon, this metal can boost the moon's effects and paired gemstones on the wearer.

Work with Silver on the Full Moon in Leo on January 25th to enhance your intentions, giving the old saying "By the light of the silvery moon" a whole new meaning.


Green Aventurine is used to promote open-mindedness, with the ability to see alternatives and possibilities. Encouraging optimism, Green Aventurine brings practical enthusiasm and balance to our day to day interactions.

A stone of prosperity, Green Aventurine is seen as a "good luck" stone as it heightens mental clarity and simulates perception. Boosting our leadership skills and compassion keep Aventurine close as you pursue goals for your future.

Aventurine can diffuse negative emotions, stimulating perception and enhancing creativity. Wear Green Aventurine this season to help keep your focus on your goals and eliminate any feelings of self-doubt.

Green Aventurine is a great all-around healer, bringing emotional calmness, settling nausea and dissolving negative thoughts and emotions. Its connection to the Heart Chakra makes Green Aventurine a great comfort stone and heart healer.


Moonstone helps you connect with your emotions, providing calmness and stabilizes emotional turmoil. Sort through your feelings with Moonstone to allows you to gain a higher perspective and unlock any hidden meanings or triggers.

Releasing frustrations, Moonstone encourages us to surrender to the natural cycles of life, enhancing patience, and staying empathic to others; while helping you stay calm and not over react to situations outside of your control.

Moonstone promotes abundance and good fortune in ones life and in business ventures. Nurturing and soothing, Moonstone is wonderful when striving for new beginnings and inner growth.

Moonstone is also known to support the feminine spirit, making it helpful for those that suffer from PMS. fertility issues and childbirth. Believed to aid in balancing hormones and male/female energies, Moonstone can help us all get in touch with our emotions.


Garnet is revitalizing and energetic, activating the heart and stimulating courage, passion, and sensuality. Welcoming love, success, and luck into your personal relationships, Garnet helps ward off disharmony and soothes emotions.

Helping you to release old inhibitions holding you back, Garnet allows you to find your confidence and boost your courage in intense situations or help you get started when you don't know where to begin.

Garnet the birthstone for our Aquarius friends born January, helping our Air element friends strengthen their commitments, plans, and dreams. This energy can lend itself to us all this season with how we commit- make those plans and show up for our to friends, lovers, and ourselves. Garnet lights the fire within, making it an excellent stone to helps us stay connect to our goals.

Keep Garnet close this Valentine's Day on February 14th to boost your sensuality, deepening the connections with those closest to your heart.


Important Dates: Full Moon in Leo January 25th 

This moon is sexy and maybe a bit overindulgent. It walks the line between powerful and emotionally messy. If you’re into that, then I say feel it all. Or keep this info in the back of your mind as a reminder if things feel “too much,” that the feelings are fleeting.

New Moon in Aquarius February 9th

This moon has rule-breaker energy. It’s time to manifest your most outlandish dreams. Think innovative, global, revolutionary, insightful, and original. Whether you’re manifesting big or small, make sure to work with this moon. 

The Aquarius Collection Gallery

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