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Gemstones for Leo Season

Gemstone jewelry in amethyst, peridot, black onyx, labradorite, ruby, sunstone, and gold elements; laying on black and white stone backgrounds.

After going inward to nurture ourselves in the watery Moon energy of Cancer season, we now burst forward into the radiant Sun energy of Leo Season. It's time to step out and show off a little, be proud of your journey and share the warmth of this bright season.


Leo Season July 22 - August 23

Symbol: The Lion

Planetary Ruler: Sun

Element: Fire

Ready for the drama of Leo season? Leo season is all the things - big, bold, theatrical, brave, and warm. Ruled by the Sun, because of course. Whether you naturally enjoy being in the spotlight or not, consider embracing some of that Leo je ne sais quoi in the area of your life where you need it most. This is a fantastic time to pursue creative endeavors and fearlessly put yourself out there. 

While it's easy to focus on Leo's flashy nature, it's important to remember that there's more to this sign than just being a born performer. Leo is a sign of loyalty and honor. Trust holds immense value for a Leo, and you can expect unwavering loyalty from them. If you are fortunate enough to be loved by a Leo, you'll understand what it means to be protected by a lion. Your motto this season: live and love like a Leo.

Astrology by Casey Chafouleas


Gemstones for Leo Season

Handcut gold fill monstera leaves with peridot gemstones

Peridot, the birthstone for Leo's born in August is a perfect pairing of astrology and gemstone metaphysical properties. It's no coincidence that Peridot was chosen to represent the sign of Leo; they have so many of the same qualities!

Peridot is all about creating, making room for and promoting good vibes for yourself and those around you. With its varying hues of green, you can't help but be drawn into its beauty and mesmerized by its natural charm.

Perhaps you need to shine brightly this season and get the attention of others? Peridot will enhance your outward energy, while also boosting intelligence and creativity. On a more personal level, Peridot can help you sort through and alleviate negative feelings. Peridot alleviates feelings of negative self image, anger, jealousy and betrayal, transforming them into their positive antonyms. Perhaps this season you are in need of some cosmic blessings and just seem to be getting shorthanded. Peridot can clear personal blockages so you can be open to receive positivity from others and your environments. 

This gemstone also promotes compassion, rest and good sleep, and emotional balance. Wear Peridot this season to not only create and transform good vibes for yourself but for those around you.

Look to Peridot for the heart-opening properties during the New Moon on August 16th. Read more under Important Dates, below.

Labradorite and sterling silver earrings laying on a gray/black slate background

Labradorite is known as a stone of transformation and when you look at its iridescent sheen, colors constantly shifting, you can't help but be drawn in. Drawing one's focus inward is exactly what Labradorite does, opening you to self-actualization and enlightenment. Many believe Labradorite to be an especially powerful stone for those born under Leo as it is thought to help Leo with their tendency to fixate on the approval of others by shifting the focus to themselves while reminding one of their self-worth and competence.

As we move through Leo season, wear labradorite to look inward and gain clarity about our purpose. Dreamy Labradorite, is known to bring a sense of calm and clarity in chaotic minds and situations. As we enter the height of the summer and Leo season, energy is at its peak which may be overwhelming to some. Labradorite will bring those who wear it a necessary feeling of relief and relaxation. 

Another quality of this gemstone beneficial to us, is its ability to connect us to the metaphysical realm, opening up our consciousness and initiating creativity. You may find yourself in a place of new beginnings, not knowing what to do next, Labradorite will open up your imagination to possibilities perhaps not clear to you.

Wear Labradorite this Leo season to self-actualize, boost self-confidence, conjure new possibilities, and bring a sense of calm in the midst of high demand.

Keep Labradorite near to while you're looking inward during the Venus Retrograde beginning July 22nd and staying with us through September 3rd. Read more under Important Dates, below.


Sunstone jewelry

Sunstone is a cleanser of negative energy, energizing all chakras. It promotes its wearer to be open and encouraging, elevating leadership skills.

Known as a stone of joy, Sunstone can inspire benevolence, helping you to enjoy life. With "sun" in the name, it only makes sense that this stone is connected to the radiance of the sun and its immense energy. Sunstone can facilitate independence, inspiring confidence, dissipating fearfulness, and alleviating stress. 

This stone shares its color cycles with the Sacral Chakra, connects with the Heart Chakra, and helps to clear our Third Eye Chakra. That means that this stone can assist with ease of communication, forming healthy relationships, and strengthening our trust with our intuition. 

The energy of Sunstone make it an excellent gemstone to turn to during the Full Moon on August 1st. Read more under Important Dates, below.

Sunstone write up by Chelsea Whitaker


Amethyst jewelry

Amethyst is a protective stone that brings feelings of inner peace to the wearer and aids in healing the body, mind and spirit. Allowing your mind to flow freely, Amethyst gives a boost to our dreams for the future. This calming, peaceful effect is said to be especially potent for Leo's and their sometimes fiery tempers.

Wearing Amethyst will protect us from getting hot-headed while also keeping us clear about our feelings.

Think of Amethyst as a natural sedative, it will reduce stress,  soothe irritation, balance your mood swings, reduce anger, fear and anxiety. All while alleviating sadness and grief, as well as dissolving negativity. 

One of the great things about Leo people and their season is the high energy and excitement, however we all need a break from time to time. Use Amethyst to calm the vibe, without putting out the flame. Another important aspect of Amethyst is its connection to the spiritual side of ourselves. Leo's, known as a little disconnected from their spiritual side, can use amethyst to reconnect and open their hearts to what's beyond.


Black onyx and copper earrings on a white background.

Black Onyx helps us connect with the earth, giving one a feeling of stability. By calming anger and aggression, Black Onyx allows us to harness our inner power and transform negative energies into positive ones. While soothing the emotions, Black Onyx lets us to connect to our sense of self so we can make wise choices and feel clear in our authenticity.

By helping us clear out the negative and turning towards ourselves, Black Onyx will help aid the flow of creativity and focus on more productive projects.

Wearing Black Onyx this Leo season will give you a boost to your self-confidence, drive motivation, and propel your forward in life. Giving you plenty of energy to pursue your dreams, goals, and ambitions for the future. Black Onyx helps to open pathways to wisdom and knowledge, making it a perfect stone to use when needing to make difficult decisions or find creative focus.


A collection of gold fill earrings

Gold is a representation the Sun with it's warm glow and positive, boosting energy. Encouraging us to actualize our potential, Gold can help you take action and move forward. Activating the Third-Eye and Crown Chakras, Gold helps you see your path to achieving ones goals by amplifying higher forms of thought.

Believed to attract happiness, wealth, and accolades into your life; Gold draws it in all the while keeping your ego in balance and banishing feeling of insecurity.

Gold can help us alleviate feelings of stress or tension, melting away negativity and transferring that into vitality. With a receptive and harmonious energy, Gold is excellent to pair with all gemstones; having the ability to attract and stabilize the qualities of the gem it's paired with.

Leo is the ONLY sign associated with Gold, so wear it boldly this season and whenever you want to harness your inner lion.


Ruby and Sterling silver earrings

Ruby is one the most well-known gemstones associated with the Sun and also shares a place with Peridot, being one of Leo's birthstones for those born in late July. Like most Birthstones, Ruby compliments characteristics of those born under the sign of Leo and perhaps encourages and boosts these traits for everyone else as well. If you are in need of some Leo energy this season, wear Ruby to boost your self-confidence and mental fortitude.

Ruby's deep crimson hues resemble that of blood and the heart, which makes perfect sense why it's associated with the Heart Chakra. This heart focused gemstone is thought to heighten your desire to protect loved ones around you and enhance feelings of empathy towards them. In the same vein, Ruby is also believed to neutralize some of the negative traits akin to Leo that we may be feeling such as impatience, ego, aggressiveness and violence.

Wearing Ruby is also believed to promote personal success through boosting hard work, determination, self-esteem and communication. Perhaps you need an extra push to get through a project, wearing Ruby will help you with the confidence you need to make your goals.


Important Dates:

Venus Retrograde July 22nd - September 3rd

The Venus retrograde in Leo begins on July 22nd. Venus retrogrades occur once every two years. Venus governs matters related to beauty, pleasure, values, relationships, romance, and the arts. In other words, all the magical aspects of life. As with any retrograde, it's a time to slow down and review. Looking back at the previous occurrences of Venus retrograde in Leo, in 2007 and 2015, can provide insights into your own personal Venus retrograde story.

Full Moon in Aquarius August 1st - The Sturgeon Moon

This full moon brings a lot of friction, which may evoke both uncomfortable and motivating feelings. With the moon in Aquarius, your thoughts may diverge from the norm. Sometimes, thinking outside the box is exactly what you need to embark on a new path. Consider Sunstone for the overall chakra alignment if you're working with crystals.

New Moon in Leo August 16th

This new moon occurs around the midpoint of the Venus retrograde and carries a healing vibe as it connects with Venus, Chiron, and the Nodes. There is much to process and plan for. It's time to face your current circumstances honestly and move forward with hope. Consider working with Peridot for the heart-opening properties.

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All photography by Weston Holland Photography

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