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Gemstones for Cancer Season

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Welcome to Cancer Season, can you feel the emotions coming to the surface? After leaving the busy air of Gemini Season, it's time to deep dive into the nurturing waters of Cancer Season to spread love and compassion to our communities and ourselves.


Cancer Season June 21 - July 22

Symbol: The Crab

Planetary Ruler: Moon

Element: Water

Cancer season and the Summer Solstice (for northern hemisphere folx) is a time for crossing a threshold. These pivotal transitions are guided by the Cancer/Capricorn axis. Just as Capricorn moves us into a new calendar year and chapter Cancer moves us into a time traditionally noted by summer vacations, travel, and the end of the school year. A time that can live in our minds forever with a soft glowy filter, much like the moonlight.

Cancer is known as a nurturer. They nurture the people closest to them, create warm memories with those they love, and protect those sacred things at all costs. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer's influence reflects the ebb and flow of emotions we may experience during this season. However you spend your time this summer, let the beauty of the moment wash over you and experience the happiness while accepting the bittersweet reality of life’s impermanence. Get ready to unlock new core memories.

Astrology by Casey Chafoulease


Gemstones for Cancer Season

Ruby is a precious gemstone often associated with luxury and opulence, but also carries within it many excellent metaphysical properties.

Giving us a zest for life, Ruby can help you feel motivated, confident, and boost your drive- while also keeping you calm and warding off hyperactivity and overwhelming feelings. Ruby can inspire you to set realistic goals and is a great stone for promoting wealth, passion, and knowledge.

The birthstone for our Cancer friends born in July, Ruby is great for those that don't feel confident to put themselves out there and tend to be more modest. Ruby loves to nurture ones self-worth and boost your determination.

We also love Ruby for it's protection ability to protect your home, family, and material possessions. It can expel negative energies from your path, improving concentration, creativity, and compassion. Pair Ruby with another one of our Cancer Season gemstones, Obsidian (or other black gems), cloaking you with invisibility from bad energy.

Ruby is said to stimulate the heart chakra, promoting positive dreams and shielding against psychic attacks. Boosting joy, laughter, spontaneity, and courage, wear Ruby for an overwhelming amount of positive emotions.


Turquoise is a powerful gemstone, beneficial to all of us. It is thought to be a renewing, boosting and clarifier of energy, especially when it comes to communication, leadership and creativity.

Cancer season may bring feelings or situations akin to the traits of the sign itself. Highly emotional and sensitive to other's energy, Cancer season may bring the need to wear Turquoise. Wearing Turquoise when you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed and unable to communicate your feelings will help you clarify your thought process and bring confidence to the message you need to convey.

Turquoise is also good for renewing your energy, in order for new creativity and ideas to flow more freely. If you're finding yourself in a creative rut this season or are having trouble solving a problem, use Turquoise to get the creative juices flowing and to feel confident when putting these new ideas together and communicating them to others.


Moonstone represents Cancer's ruling celestial body, the Moon, making it a potent stone to use during this season and is thought to enhance the qualities of those born under the sign.

Helping you to connect with your emotions, Moonstone can provide a calming energy to stabilize emotional turmoil. Helping you to sort through your feelings, Moonstone allows you to gain a higher perspective on your emotions to unlock any hidden meanings or triggers. Releasing frustration, Moonstone encourages us to surrender to the natural cycles of life, enhance patience, and stay empathetic to others. Moonstone helps you stay calm and not overreact to situations outside of your control. Moonstone is also known to support the feminine spirit, making it helpful for those that suffer from PMS. fertility issues and childbirth. Believed to aid in balancing hormones and male/female energies, Moonstone can help us all get in touch with our emotions.

To enhance your intuition, turn to Moonstone during the Full Moon on July 3rd.


Pink Opal brings energies of love and kindness to the surface for all kinds of relationships. Stimulating the heart chakra, Pink Opal opens our hearts up so we can feel the love around us and within.

Connecting one to their highest self, Pink Opal allow us to let go of ego-driven attitudes so that we can become more generous and community focused. Pink Opal can help you feel confident in standing up for social justice in compassionate and inclusive ways as it gives us the sight to see all of humanity.

Pink Opal is an emotional stone that encourages us to release any rigid beliefs and open ourselves up to new possibilities. Boosting ones independence, Pink Opal is great for those born under the sign of Cancer and all of us during Cancer Season, helping us to claim our self worth, while we release trauma or anxieties. Pink Opal gives you a boost to help you show how strong you really are.

Wear Pink Opal this season to enhance your creativity and self-expression, bring love and compassion to everything you do, and ease away your stresses.


Snowflake Obsidian

Obsidian is the ultimate protective stone, shielding Cancers against negativity during their most vulnerable times. Strengthening its wearer against emotional pain and trauma.

It's a catalyst for growth, opening up new possibilities and opportunities. In addition to the properties of Obsidian, turn to Snowflake Obsidian to sooth and balance your mind, body, and spirit.

Snowflake Obsidian's calming nature teaches one to value our mistakes as well as our successes, helping us release and transform negative thinking. Promoting dispassion and inner centering, Snowflake Obsidian empowers isolation and solidarity, aiding in meditation.

For support and grounding during the New Moon on July 17th, consider working with Snowflake Obsidian.

Snowflake Obsidian write up by Chelsea Whitaker


Aquamarine, with its cool blue color, almost brings a sense of calm by just looking at it. When examining its metaphysical properties, one will find soothing characteristics as well. Among its many traits Aquamarine is thought mostly as a reliever of stress and anxiety.

Cancererians, being highly emotive and sensitive, have the capacity to feel so much, which is great for empathy and compassion for others, however those born under the sign and perhaps some of us navigating Cancer season may feel overwhelmed by these feelings.

Wear Aquamarine to sooth and clarify these emotions. Aquamarine, while soft and soothing, also carries aspects of strength as well. Boosting courage, emotional strength and personal power, Aquamarine will balance and fortify your emotions during this watery season.

Aquamarine embodies themes of reflection making it extremely helpful in meditation, inviting you to plunge in and delve a little deeper to discover your own truths. Wear Aquamarine this season to soothe and clarify emotions, boost courage and strength, and focus your attention inwards during self-reflection.


Pearl is known as a stone of inner wisdom, enhancing intelligence, improving memory, and bringing balance to your nervous system. Amplifying your voice, Pearl can help you with communication and confidence to be a better advocate in the world.

Repelling negative energies, Pearl brings it's soothing and stabilizing energy to anyone that wears it, and can even have a positive effect when dealing with mental health issues.

Pearl inspires loyalty and truth, allowing you to release feelings of nervousness, stress, and even that negative inner voice. Lightening our minds and soothing our emotions, Pearl can bring a boost to your mood and lighten ones mind.

The birthstone for Cancer people born in June, Pearl can help you find a balance and flow to your daily life. If you're feeling off kilter this season, Pearl brings feelings of harmony to your body, allowing you to find your strength and find your footing.


Important Dates:

Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) - June 21st

This season starts with the Summer Solstice, also known as Litha, on the 21st. During this day, we experience the longest period of daylight and the shortest night. Channel the spirit of the 3 of Cups tarot card if you choose to celebrate. Consider incorporating elements such as good food and drinks, dancing, a beach bonfire, or any other activities that bring joy and fun into your life.

Here are some things associated with Summer Solstice you could use on an altar:

  • Colors: yellow, orange, gold, white

  • Herbs: lavender, calendula, lemon balm

  • Incense: rose, neroli

  • Flowers: sunflowers, marigolds

Full Moon in Capricorn July 3rd - The Blessing Moon

This full Moon is also a supermoon making it extra potent for illuminating the psyche or any hidden messages you need to receive. A lovely trine from Jupiter gives it a positive vibes assist. Be open to receiving what you need. If you work with crystals, consider utilizing Moonstone to enhance your intuition.

New Moon in Cancer July 17th

This new Moon holds transformative power and promises significant changes. It aligns with several influential planets, amplifying its energy. If you seek to make substantial shifts in your life, focus your intentions during this lunation. For added support and grounding during this intense new Moon, consider working with Snowflake Obsidian if you use crystals.

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