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Gemstone Focus: Turquoise

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Stone-focused collection in Turquoise for the Ninth House shop (Tucson)

Gemstone Focus intends to be a recurring segment on my blog, as a place to gather information on the stones I use and admire, to learn of their history and uses.

This project came about in part of a collaboration of designing a bi-monthly, stone-focused jewelry line for a local Tucson shop, The Ninth House.

(The information posted here is just a sample of the vast information available out there. I always encourage others to do their own research and learn more. The views expressed here as far as healing and metaphysical properties can be taken as seriously or as playful as you wish- all levels of belief are welcome. I also welcome you to share your information and stories regarding gemstones with me, and any suggestions for stones to focus on in future postings. It also goes without saying, but I will anyway, that gemstone healing is NO substitute for consulting a health-care professional, consider using these practices in conjunction with recommended care from your health-care provider.)


For my FIRST entry of Gemstone Focus I chose a personal favorite and southwest essential, Turquoise!

Most of us are familiar with Turquoise as one of the birthstones for those born in December, but Turquoise has a fascinating and long history spanning the globe. Being one of the first stones to be mined dating back to ancient Egypt and Persia, as well as the Indigenous peoples of the Southwestern United States. It has been used by warriors, healers, and royalty- sacred for it's energies and adored for it's striking blue and green tones we're all so drawn to.

Next time you see Turquoise, look at it's color tone... is it more Blue? If it is, that means more Copper deposits were near. If it's more green, that tells you there was more Iron during it's development. Some say different colors of Turquoise carry different healing vibrations then others. It is my personal opinion that you should listen to your inner voice when choosing a stone- I often find I'm drawn to a particular stone or color when there is an imbalance in my life, or something I am seeking.

In uses for healing, Turquoise can be used by wearing or carrying of the stone on you. It has the potential to heal aches and pains, ease emotional struggles, even assisting in meditation and opening oneself up to the spiritual plane.

Physical and Mental/Emotional

  • Use Turquoise to detoxify your body from pollutants, and boost your immune system.

  • Ward off respiratory ailments by wearing a Turquoise necklace around your neck close to the throat or above your chest/heart to boost your respiratory health, ease high blood pressure, and heal throat and chest ailments.

  • Prevention of headaches and migraines can be assisted by wearing Turquoise earrings.

  • Turquoise can be used to ease panic attacks, restore emotional balance, and stabilize moods.

  • Wearing a bracelet of Turquoise and be a visual reminder to realign ones focus and find your center.

Communication and Creativity

  • Turquoise opens connections, encourages free flowing conversations- allowing friendships and relationships to deepen their bonds.

  • Because of it's assisting in communications, Turquoise may bring courage to those with stage fright or public speaking.

  • Boosts creativity and problem solving, allowing for positive thinking and renewed energy.

  • Perfect stone to help overcome writer's block or other creative slumps.

  • By balancing male & female energies, it can help new love blossom, strengthen relationships, and encourage spontaneous romance for couples.

Spiritual and Meditation

  • By cleansing our energy centers, Turquoise can enhance mediation by clearing your mind, and opening it for communication within ourselves and the universe around us.

  • Dreaming of Turquoise may symbolize the answer to a question or mystery, helping us unlock our mind and find our path.

  • By bringing wisdom and intuition, we find deeper self-realization and self-awareness, encouraging more empathy for others.

  • Turquoise helps to strengthen convictions, brings about courage, and increases personal power.

Use in Travel

  • Turquoise is a protection stone and can be used to protect you and/or your possessions from theft, loss, or attack.

  • Prevents accidents and bodily harm, especially guards against falls (wear while hiking!).

  • If traveling with your pet, consider adding Turquoise to their collar or cage to prevent your fur-baby from straying or being stolen.

  • Horses are said to be more obedient to their rider is there is Turquoise attached to their bridle.

Work Vibes

  • Promotes leadership, problem solving, and communication.

  • Wear Turquoise if you're seeking opportunities for travel in your career, or if you want to relocate for a new job.

  • Recommended for accountants and others working in computer services to help keep mental clarity and ease eye strain.

  • If you're nervous about giving a presentation, wear turquoise to release anxiety, and open communications for networking.

Birthstone: December

Anniversary: 11th year

Zodiac: Sagittarius, as well as Aquarius and Pisces.

Planet: Venus & Neptune

Element: Earth

Chakra: Throat/5th Chakra, also beneficial to the Heart/4th and Third Eye/6th Chakra.

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