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Gemstone Focus: Quartz Crystal & Tourmaline Quartz

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Quartz Crystal & Tourmaline Quartz Jewelry by Christina Holland Designs


The Stone Focus project coincides with a bi-monthly, stone-focused & exclusive jewelry collection for a local Tucson shop, The Ninth House. It's my hope to bring you an evolving take on jewelry worn as healing and protective adornments.

(The information posted here is just a sample of the vast information available out there. I always encourage others to do their own research and learn more. The views expressed here as far as healing and metaphysical properties can be taken as seriously or as playful as you wish- all levels of belief are welcome. I also welcome you to share your information and stories regarding gemstones with me, and any suggestions for stones to focus on in future postings. It also goes without saying, but I will anyway, that gemstone healing is NO substitute for consulting a health-care professional, consider using these practices in conjunction with recommended care from your health-care provider.)


I'm excited to bring you my second feature in the Stone Focus collection: Quartz Crystal & Tourmaline Quartz.

I decided to work with two stones this time because when I was pulling together my Quartz Crystal stones and plans for this collection, I discovered I had so many beautiful Tourmaline Quartz pieces in my stone collection- what can I say, I felt inspired to incorporate them into this collection.

Quartz Crystal and Tourmaline Quartz have a lot of similar uses, and work really well together- so they really felt like a good combination for a collection. On an aesthetic level, I also just really love the black and white combo.

As you read below, one thing to keep in mind.. because both of these stones are so effective in absorbing negative energies, it's important to remember to cleanse and recharge them frequently! My favorite ways are by smudging and by moonlight.

(*I do NOT recommend getting your jewelry wet or soaking them in water)


Clear Quartz Crystal Jewelry by Christina Holland Designs

Quartz Crystal the “Master Healer”

Physical and Mental/Emotional

  • Stimulates new energy & clarity to the mind.

  • Eases emotional struggles & dispels negative energies.

  • Charges the immune system, bringing the body into balance.

  • Helpful for chronic fatigue, arthritis, depression & pain.

Communication and Creativity

  • Aids in concentration, helping to retain information learned.

  • Recharges your inspiration & boosts creativity.

  • Amplifies communication across the mental, spiritual & physical planes.

Spiritual and Meditation

  • Clear Quartz connects to the 7th/Crown Chakras, but harmonizes with all the chakras.

  • Program your Crystal by holding it in the palm of your hand, focusing on your intensions.

  • Use Quartz as an element in Feng Shui by placing a crystal in a window. The Sun and Moon will radiate positive energy throughout the room.

Birthstone: All Birthstones

Anniversary: 3rd

Zodiac: All Birth Signs

Planet: Sun & Moon

Element: All Elements; Earth, Air, Fire, Water

Chakra: Crown/7th Chakra, enhances all other chakras.


Tourmaline Quartz Jewelry by Christina Holland Designs

Tourmaline Quartz Combining the healing properties of Quartz Crystal & Black Tourmaline. Physical and Mental/Emotional

  • Helps one to control compulsive & obsesses behaviors.

  • Detoxes the body & helps ease digestive ailments.

  • Connects your mind & spirit to the moment, eases worries of tomorrow or trauma of the past.

Communication and Creativity

  • By lifting the power of negativity, it can help you remove toxic people & environments from your life.

  • Problem solver stone, by focusing your issue into the stone, the balancing power of Tourmaline & Quartz bring about positive solutions.

Spiritual and Meditation

  • Use in healing sessions by allowing the Tourmaline to absorb negative energies, while the Quartz cleanses and restores positive energy.

  • Powerful shield stone, converting negative energies into positive for the wearer, or returning the negative energy like a mirror.

  • Balances Yin/Yang energies by harmonizing opposite elements.

Home & Work Vibes

  • Neutralizes toxicity in your environment & brings a grounding effect.

  • Often seen as a symbol of unity, keep on you or in your home to radiate your message.

Zodiac: Libra, Capricorn, Scorpio Planet:Pluto Element: Earth Chakra: 6th, 3rd Eye/Brow Chakra (also effective on the secondary chakras of the hands & feet).


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