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Gemstones for Capricorn Season

A variety of jewelry designs by Christina Holland Designs.
Capricorn Season Collection by Christina Holland Designs

Beginning December 21st and striding through to January 20th, Capricorn Season is here to stabilize the fiery energy from Sagittarius season and help us get grounded, organized, and ready to set and manifest our goals for the New Year. What gemstones will you turn to in the chapter of 2023?


Capricorn Season December 21 - January 20

Symbol: The Goat

Planetary Ruler: Saturn

Capricorn season is all about crossing thresholds. Moving from the dark to the light, one year to the next, the closing of a chapter and the beginning of the next one. There is no better sign to handle the responsibility that comes from moving us through all of the highs and lows of the season and bringing us out on the other side wiser and more prepared.

What will this season look like for you? Whatever you celebrate or hold dear, Capricorn season is here to honor your traditions, indulge in some serious fun, reflect on your achievements, and plan for self-improvement. Capricorns get shit done. So get ready for one of the busiest seasons of the year. Nothing is more powerful than a Capricorn that knows what they want and sets out to get it. Find that magic for yourself.

Astrology by Casey Chafouleas


Gemstones for Capricorn Season

Garnet and stamped brass earrings

Garnet: Revitalizing and energetic, Garnet activates the heart stimulating courage, passion, and sensuality. Garnet welcomes love, success, and luck into your personal relationships. Helping to balance the sex drive Garnet wards off disharmony and soothes emotions.

Garnet can also help you move away from old inhibitions holding you back, allowing you to find your confidence. Garnet provides strong emotional protection by bringing courage in intense situations, and hope when struggling with sadness or depression.

Garnet is a great stone to wear and work with during Capricorn season. Not only is it the birthstone for our January Capricorns, it can help us all ward off stagnant energy as we close out the year and stimulate us in all the right places as we venture into a new year of new possibilities. Garnet will keep you grounded and on track with the goal oriented energy of Capricorn season.


Fluorite and textured brass earrings

Fluorite can help to increase concentration and confidence, encouraging positivity, and assisting in decision making. This is perfect for Capricorn season, as the Goat is all about planning and organization. Take advantage of these benefits as we prepare to enter a new year, with the expectation of starting anew or goal setting.

Keep a piece of Fluorite near your desk or workspace to stimulate focus. Wearing Fluorite can encourage creativity and help you to think outside the box. It can help to balance the energies, absorbing and neutralizing negative energy and stress while easing worry.

Capricorns are known for their ambition, and their tendency to want it all at once, making Rainbow Fluorite the perfect pairing. It works as a fabulous aura and Chakra cleanser, with each variety carrying its own specialized properties. Use Blue Fluorite to calm emotions, encouraging clear communication. Purple Fluorite can enhance spiritual balance, aiding in divine communication.

Look to Fluorite during the New Moon on December 23rd to help bring stability to your manifestations.

Fluorite Gem Focus by Chelsea Whitaker.


Black Onyx helps us connect with the earth, feeling grounded and stable. By calming anger and aggression, Black Onyx allows us to harness our inner power and transform negative energies into positive. Soothing emotions, Black Onyx lets us to connect to our sense of self so that you can make wise choices and feel clear in your authenticity.

By helping us clear out the negative and turning towards ourselves, Black Onyx will help aid the flow of creativity and focus on more productive projects.

Wear Black Onyx as an amulet for protection and grounding during Capricorn season, and especially if you are feeling the effects of Mercury Retrograde. If you've got a difficult conversation or are dealing with lingering feelings of sadness or grief, Black Onyx can help guide you to releasing painful emotions without losing touch with yourself or those you hold dear.

Capricorns, known for their hard work ethic and tendency to overwork themselves can benefit a lot from Black Onyx soothing power as it helps prevent energy drain while working through projects or setting those long term goals for the year ahead. Boosting stamina and bringing in good fortune to your life, Black Onyx is just the gem for stepping into a new year.


Malachite known for it's transformative healing properties and it's ability to activate positive change and healing. A gemstone connected to the heart Chakra, protective and loving, Malachite helps you release your fears while allowing you to step out of your comfort zones.

An excellent stone for self-reflection and transformation, Malachite shows you the dark corners of yourself and where in your shadows you can improve.

Malachite is excellent to wear as a talisman or amulet close to the heart to stimulate the heart and open your mind to new experiences, acceptance, and understanding. Capricorn energy can be very career driven, which can put a strain on relationships- Malachite can help bring compassion and empathy to the surface, allowing Capricorn to feel safe and open to love or new experiences.

Look to Malachite during Mercury Retrograde this Capricorn season to ease frustrations if delays while traveling or miscommunications happen. Malachite is also perfect when doing business planning as is promotes success and financial abundance.


Green Tourmaline is a powerful earth-connected stone, giving any wearer feelings of joy, happiness and compassion; perfect for Capricorn season and the holidays that come along with it.

Being of the Heart Chakra, Green Tourmaline is even better for promoting these feelings towards yourself all while also benefiting your heart health. If you are in need of some self-love or a boost to your self esteem, try Green Tourmaline.

This gemstone has also been known to induce personal feelings of inner calm and wholeness, attributes many of us may need during the busy and sometimes chaotic and emotional holiday season. Wear this stone to aid you during this time.

Green Tourmaline can strengthen creativity and awareness, encouraging the wearer to move towards their goals with precision and success. This may pair perfectly with you career-driven Capricorn placements or anyone out there looking for an extra boost in their career or life.

Wear Green Tourmaline on the Full Moon in Cancer on January 6th to sooth energies, bring inner calm, and keep you on your path towards your goals for the new year.


Turquoise promotes leadership, problem solving, and communication, boosting that goal oriented Capricorn energy this season. Helping to strengthen our convictions, Turquoise gives us an increase of personal power and courage.

Sparking our creative mind, Turquoise renews the energy, allowing for free flowing thoughts and a fresh outlook as we close out one year and enter into another.

While Turquoise is a birthstone for our December Capricorns, wearing Turquoise this season can be help for all of us. Wear it as a visual reminder is a great way to keep your focus and help you stay on track. If your 2023 goals involve travel for your career or you're looking for new opportunities, keep Turquoise near so that energy flows your way.

With Mercury Retrograde hanging around through Capricorn season, Turquoise is where to turn to if you have an important meeting, presentation, or conversation; by wearing a Turquoise necklace it will activate your throat Chakra helping you get your words out in a clear, concise way.

For more on Turquoise, click here.


Iolite carries the spirit of dreams, exploration, and intuition, a guiding gemstone that aids your journey physically and spiritually. Iolite connects to your third-eye and throat Chakras, a vision stone that helps you stand strong and independent in your power, with the courage to cast out your fears to live a vibrant life.

Iolite can help you feel more balanced, strengthening ones resolve to take on new projects and carry them through to the end. This gem give us a boost of endurance and brings feelings of self-assurance.

Wearing Iolite this season adds a little push to your goals and journey in the new year. Helping you see the path you need to take, and giving you the confidence and energy to follow it.

* I've chosen to feature Iolite instead of Tanzanite (a December Sagittarius/Capricorn birthstone) due to the rarity of Tanzanite as it is found in only one place in the world, near Mount Kilimanjaro and the mine is predicted to dry up within the next decade. Iolite is more abundant in it's availability, but not in it's beauty- making it a great substitution for Tanzanite. Both of these gemstones share connections to the throat and third-eye Chakras, and carry many of the same healing and metaphysical properties.


Important Dates for Capricorn Season:

Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) - December 21

This season starts with the Winter Solstice, also known as Yule, on the 21st. During this day, we experience the shortest period of daylight and the longest night. With each passing day after the solstice, our daylight time increases. It’s customary to celebrate by lighting candles and eating a delicious meal. While there are many ways to ritualize this day, the best rituals are the ones you make personal to you. Depending on where you live, you may find other inspiration to incorporate into the day.

Here are some common things associated with Winter Solstice you could use on an altar:

  • Colors: Green, gold, red, and white

  • Herbs: Cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg

  • Trees: Evergreen, cedar, fir, and pine

  • Incense: Frankincense and myrrh

New Moon in Capricorn - December 23

Feeling the seasonal urge to be an overachiever? The new moon in Capricorn on the 23rd has the zing you need to access the energy for all the plans you’re working on. Whether that’s an extension of festive celebrations or just some new endeavors you want to create. Use this potent cardinal energy to give you a boost. If you’re working with crystals, try fluorite to help stabilize your new ventures.

Mercury Retrograde - December 29 - January 18

Mercury retrograde checks in on the 29th, reminding us to slow down. As with all Mercury retrogrades, there is the standard:

  • Check the fine print.

  • Pause before you send.

  • Reread your messages.

  • Allow for travel plans and technology to go awry.

But don’t panic, life happens, and all you really need to think about during mercury retrograde is taking a beat before moving forward. Instead of a great disruptor, think of it as your friend who’s come along to make sure you aren’t getting sloppy and remind you to check your work. When Mercury goes direct on the 18th, it leaves us in a more secure place that grounds our messages with the confidence they need to make them clear.

Full Moon in Cancer - January 6

This brings us to our Full Moon in Cancer on January 6. This moon is known as the Wolf Moon. Use this moon to check in with your head and heart. Find a way to listen to both without judgment. Use this as a meditation to process and shed your cocoon on the other side of the Mercury retrograde/Capricorn season transformation. If you’re working with crystals, consider working with a balancing stone like green tourmaline.

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