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Gemstones for Libra Season

Welcome to Libra Season! This season's collection embodies the Libra energies of balance, peace, and beauty. Designs that dangle and sway in those dreamy Air Element vibes are sure to turn heads.


Libra Season September 23rd to October 22nd

Symbol: The Scales

Planetary Ruler: Venus

Element: Air

As we move from Virgo season, we take all the information gathered during this contemplative season and work towards re-balancing. Was there anything you learned last month during your self-reflection? The symbol for Libra is the scales of justice because they want the most fair option for everyone. Libra energy is about creating harmony and good vibes. Sometimes at the sake of their own happiness.

A Libra is never more happy than when they are vibing with others. So, this season is a great time to connect with the ones you love. Create a special meal, meetup, or a care package to let them know you are thinking of them. But remember to keep your own needs in focus as well.

With Venus ruling the sign of Libra this is also an excellent season for re-assessing your forms of self-expression and authenticity like clothing, hair, makeup, or your general personal brand, whether that is an actual persona you portray on social media or who you are IRL. Are you being true to what you value most and what brings you to life? The more you nourish those parts of you the easier it is to be in harmony with the world. But it also doesn’t have to be that deep. Getting a new hair color or diving into a painting class you’ve never done before is just fun. And we need that after the recent Venus/Mercury retrograde combo we’ve all just been through.

Astrology by Casey Chafouleas


Gemstones for Libra Season

Opal can bring your personality traits to the surface, allowing for examination and transformation. By expressing your true self, Opal can help you claim your self worth and independence.

Providing balance between our shadow side and the side we show to the world, Opal provides a positive force around you, helping to maintain harmony. By bringing both positive and negative traits into view, you may feel uncomfortable in confronting these areas- but it will all be worth it.

Finding a balance and striving to promote harmony are some of the core ambitions of Libra people and perhaps this season. This iridescent stone amplifies harmonious energy, leading to heightened unity and enhanced teamwork.This is also a great time to examine your relationships and identify which ones you should nurture, and which ones you should let go.

Opal is the October birthstone and the main birthstone for Libras. Wear Opal this season to express your true self, encouraging independence and creativity- aiding one to claim their self worth. Releasing anxiety and anger, Opal is also highly protective, bringing the wearer a sense of calm and peace.

Lean on Opal during the Full Moon in Aries to help you examine how you show up in the world. For more info on this Full Moon, check out the important dates below.


Pink Tourmaline creates a feeling of love and serenity, while alleviating stress, anxiety, and depressions. Once you've released your fears, Pink Tourmaline helps you to boost your self-confidence and offers support when your emotions feel unbalanced.

If you feel like you keep getting stuck in negative thinking, Pink Tourmaline's powerful energy urges you to see things from a new perspective. Supportive and healing, Pink Tourmaline brings out ones courage.

Pink Tourmaline is a good choice to wear if you are an energy worker, reader, or counselor, as it encourages you to be a better listener and lead with compassion. If you've been through a recent tragedy, heartbreak, or just cannot shake off negative feelings, Pink Tourmaline can aid you in healing. Wearing Pink Tourmaline while you meditate to give yourself the courage to let go of whatever it is holding you back from living life fully.

October Libras get two birthstones, and Pink Tourmaline is second to Opals. Ruled by Venus the planet of love, relationships are incredibly important to Libras. Wearing Pink Tourmaline this season will help to bring harmony into your personal life and keep you compassionate to others in all your relationships. Pink Tourmaline draws in unconditional love and is said to strengthen friendships, while also boosting prosperity and inspiration into your day.


Ametrine calms the mind, balances the body, and soothes emotions. Helping you to find inner peace, Ametrine clears the our thoughts of stress and worry. A natural peace-keeper and mediator, completely embodying the energies of Libra.

Libras thrive when working together, be it personally or professionally, and Ametrine is the manifestation of how working together brings incredible things to the surface. A naturally-occurring form of Quartz, Ametrine is combination of Amethyst and Citrine.

Turn to Ametrine when you want to strengthen collaborations with it's ability to enhance compatibility and acceptance of others. The stone strengthens concentration, bringing clarity, and harmony. If you're looking to take control of your life, Ametrine can help you find inner peace with yourself and clear mental fog so you are able to focus and make confident decisions.

Wear Ametrine this Libra season when working in pairs or groups to connect with others, stimulate collaboration, and spark ideas. Ametrine will keep you empathic to others and increase your ability to think broadly so you can see things from other points of view. By balancing your energy Ametrine gives you a boost in developing your own sense of power and potential.


Labradorite is a powerful grounding and protective stone, promoting courage while also clearing anxiety. Clearing away nervous energy and soothing an overactive mind, Labradorite can help strengthen your trust in yourself and stimulate more vitality into your life.

Giving a boost to our intuition, Labradorite revels the truth, allowing us to break up stale energy so we can find what is holding us back. Labradorite can aid you in bringing your dreams to life!

Wear Labradorite during Libra season to help uncover your own hidden magic. Let it tickle your imagination and encourage creative and transformative energies. Labradorite teaches us to trust in the process, strengthening our perseverance and clearing away any anxiety that change may bring. Considered a lucky gemstone for Libras, enhancing self-confidence and bringing good fortune.


Blue Kyanite is excellent for balancing and tranquility, bringing a calming affect on the wearer while helping to release negative energies. By cutting through our fears, frustration, or anger- Blue Kyanite helps us ignite our self-expression and step into our best selves.

Stimulating the throat chakra, Blue Kyanite encourages us to speak clearly and truthfully in our communications, making it especially helpful in arguments or when you need to get your point across.

Turn to Blue Kyanite this Libra season to bring yourself back to center or if you find yourself straying from the truth or getting invested into others drama. Blue Kyanite calms and balances, allowing you to cut through the chaos and find tranquility, even if that means releasing things that may be holding you back or relationships no longer serving your journey.

If you're looking for to accept and let go during the New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Libra on October 14th, Blue Kyanite would be an excellent choice to have near.

For more on this New Moon + Solar Eclipse, check out the Important Dates below.


Prehnite is a stone of dreaming. It can heighten the power of the dream state, strengthen lucid dreaming, and promote communication with other planes of existence. This stone can also help in easing nightmares and deep fears, uncovering and healing their sources.

Considered a stone of unconditional love, Prehnite is the crystal to heal the healer. It teaches us how to be in harmony with nature and the elements, calming the environment and bringing peace and protection.

Prehnite can enhance precognition and inner knowing, while also facilitating preparedness. It may not be a birthstone to Libras, but it acts as a wonderful healing stone by helping to calm their (sometimes) overactive minds that may cause unnecessary worry and fear.

Wear Prehnite during meditation to attune yourself to the divine energy and connect with your higher self. Helping you to align your heart, Prehnite will put it at the center of all you do so you can show up authentically in your life.

Prehnite write up by Chelsea Whitaker


Sapphire can help you sort chaotic moments in your life by bringing you a sense of calm and focus. If you're feeling scattered or perhaps you're being asked to make a decision with too many options, Sapphire can help you center your attention.

Known as a stone of wisdom, Sapphire increases concentration and clarity. Sapphire cleanses anger or frustration, guiding you back to center and grounding you physically and spiritually.

Sapphire is the birthstone for Libras born in September, helping our Air element friends be focused and organized. Wear Sapphire this season to increase positive effects in your life, strengthen your leadership abilities, and aid you in finding balance and compassion in all situations.


Important Dates:

Autumn Equinox September 23

The autumn equinox marks the point in the Northern Hemisphere’s calendar when summer transitions into fall. Harvest festivals and a shift in the natural world mark this time of year. Bloom, Harvest, Wither, Regenerate. Celebrate the cyclical stages of life and growth as you bring in the harvest from things you have figuratively and literally planted before the winter. It is a moment of celebration for all the ways in which you’ve grown.

If you’re setting up an altar here are some things associated with the Autumn Equinox:

  • Colors: yellow, orange, red, gold, brown, dark green

  • Herbs: mugwort, lavender, rosemary

  • Flowers: marigolds, dandelion, sunflowers

  • Scents: apple, cinnamon

Full Moon in Aries September 29th

This full Moon in Aries is a very sensitive and reactionary moon. If you’re going through a lot of emotions, this could feel like a hot poker. You might lash out if you’re feeling hurt. Take care during this Moon. But maybe feeling your pain or discomfort is actually the point of this Moon. Because if we suppress the negative things we numb ourselves, but those things are still in us, festering. The only way out is through. Sometimes you have to feel the pain to get to the other side. Let this Moon challenge you to sit with unexamined or uncomfortable things. Look to Opal if you are working with gemstones on this Full Moon to guide you in examining your light and dark sides.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Libra October 14th

This new Moon in Libra is also a partial lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse happens when the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow, causing the Moon to be darkened. Eclipse seasons are tied to the North and South Nodes. A couple of things about eclipse season:

  1. They are thought to be tied to fate and can accelerate events on a micro and macro scale during these times. We have these eclipses 4-6 times yearly, so don’t let that scare you. But also…

  2. The energy during eclipse season is thought to be chaotic and unpredictable. Because of the energetic instability, it is not the ideal time for manifestation practices.

This New Moon is conjunct with the south node and that means it is time for clearing, releasing, and letting go. If you’re someone who doesn’t subscribe to the idea that you can’t manifest during eclipse season consider this - use this as the release button of your (imagined) control over things just sit back and watch as things unfold. Think of it as an exercise in acceptance and just let go. Blue Kyanite can help you with acceptance and release during this New Moon and Solar Eclipse.

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