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Gemstones for Virgo Season

If you're ready for a slower pace after the fire fueled energy of Leo Season, we welcome in more rest and stillness with Virgo Season. It's the time to reorganize and be more analytical in our approach to life as we venture into Virgo's pragmatic season accompanied by Mercury Retrograde energy.


Virgo Season August 23 - September 22

Symbol: The Virgin

Planetary Ruler: Mercury

Element: Earth

After the extroverted Leo season, it’s time for the wind down to a more internally focused place. It’s time for Virgo season. Virgo is about distilling and synthesizing information into something useful for everyone. That is why this double header of the Venus and Mercury retrograde is perfect inside of Virgo season. Dig deep into the details related to your values, desires (Venus), communication style, and thoughts (Mercury). Take note of what you find and begin to create a sense of order. There is a quality of striving for perfection in this sign. Just remember, nothing is ever truly perfect. Don’t beat yourself up over trying to achieve the impossible.

Virgo is also a devotional sign. Whether they devote their time to their physical health and well-being, caring for the people they love, or making a meaningful contribution at work. This would be a great season to start a ritual practice in service of something you’d like to devote more time to. Something that will make you feel like you’re helping a person or cause.

With all the mental gymnastics of Virgo season, this is also a great time to get outside in nature and just listen to the stillness. Turning down the volume inside your mind and allowing it to rest is essential. Connecting with the trees, the ground, and anything that brings you back inside your body and fills you with peace. Find your center this season.

Astrology by Casey Chafouleas


Gemstones for Virgo Season

Sapphire is considered by many cultures around the world and throughout history as one of the greatest gemstones of all and once you start looking into its metaphysical properties, it's easy to see why. Sapphire is known as a stone of wisdom, bestowing the wearer with increased concentration, clarity of truth, and altruism for those around them. Being such a powerful stone for increased mind fortitude and leadership, it makes sense why so many figures of Royalty throughout history were seen adorning this stone.

Sapphire is all about bringing you back to center, back to physical and spiritual homeostasis. It is believed by many that this gemstone can help you sort chaotic moments in your life by bringing you a sense of calm and focus. If you're feeling scattered or perhaps you're being asked to make a decision with too many options, Sapphire can help you center your attention. Sapphire will also cleanse you of anger and frustration.

The birthstone for September Virgos have Blue Sapphire as their main birthstone. The traits of this gemstone and Virgos are very similar - Centered, Grounded, Organized, Selfless & Altruistic. As we move throughout Virgo season, you may need some extra help in these areas, use Sapphire to boost these traits in yourself.


Garnet is a revitalizing and energetic gemstone that activates our hearts, stimulating courage, passion, and sensuality. Garnet welcomes love, success, and luck into your personal relationships, while it wards off disharmony and soothes emotions.

Helping you move away from energy that could be holding you back, Garnet provides strong emotional protection by bringing courage in intense situations, and hope when struggling with sadness or depression.

Look to Garnet during Virgo season to help you get started when you don't know where to start, or with seeking assistance with career matters. Garnet lights the fire within, making it an excellent stone to helps us stay connect to our goals this season.


Dalmatian Jasper got its name because of its dark spots that resemble the Dalmatian dog. Not unlike the dog, this stone creates a sense of playfulness, reminding us to enjoy the simple things in life, invigorating our inner child. A caring gemstone, Dalmatian Jasper promotes devotion towards others and encourages self-love.

The dark specks in the stone are made up of Black Tourmaline, with the properties of Tourmaline working as an anchor. This means, Dalmatian Jasper can cleanse negative energy, bring emotional stability, while alleviating stress.

Wearing Dalmatian Jasper will cause the wearer's astral world to align with the physical, emotional, and metaphysical planes. This stone can help show you that it's okay to slow down and appreciate the world around you, encouraging a break from hustle culture.

Dalmatian Jasper write up by Chelsea Whitaker


Amazonite is a soothing stone that helps release fears and anxieties as it calms the mind and nervous system. Helpful for easing emotional stress and trauma, as well as alleviating worry.

Opening clearer pathways for communication, Amazonite can sooth our anxieties around relationships issues with it's ability to help us see two sides of a situation. It also gives us a boost to ones self-esteem and emotional confidence, allowing us to feel secure when speaking from the heart.

Amazonite is a secondary birthstone to our Virgo friends, but can be appreciated by all of us as it reminds us to release anxieties, be more open minded, and go with the flow- something that might come in handy during this season coupled with Mercury Retrograde.

Wear Amazonite near the throat to raise your self-confidence and stimulate your throat chakra and get your words out, speaking honestly and with integrity. Amazonite can help you work through fears and anxieties- especially surrounding intimate relationships.

Known to block electromagnetic pollution, Amazonite absorbs it making it a useful stone to place on or near you and the source of pollution or cell phone during Mercury Retrograde.

For more on Mercury Retrograde check out the Important Dates, below.


Citrine is a warm and inviting gemstone that brings joy into your life and balances the emotions. With the power to recharge and energize all levels of life, Citrine revitalizes the mind, and releases negativity, driving out depression and fear.

Activating your creative mind, Citrine opens the imagination, stimulates creativity, and boosts self expression. Also known as a stone of abundance, Citrine attracts success, prosperity, happiness and all good things into your life.

Turn to Citrine this Virgo season to recharge your spirit and expand your imagination. By wearing this joyful gemstone you'll invite plenty of positive energy into your life, promoting motivation and self-confidence. Simultaneously, Citrine blocks out any negative or overly self-critical feelings and thoughts; freeing you up to be more innovative and achieve your goals.

Work with the power of the Full Moon on August 30th with Citrine by your side to pull in a bit of luck to aid you in whatever you may be shedding or calling in. Citrine bestows success and good fortune on those who connect with it's energy.

For more on the Full Moon check out the Important Dates, below.


Lapis Lazuli can help you find your truth and become more self-aware. Known as the Wisdom Stone, Lapis Lazuli promotes self-expression, knowledge, and creativity. Harmony, confidence, and self-knowledge are all things associated with this powerful gemstone.

An excellent tool for communication, Lapis Lazuli helps us in relationships with it's calming and soothing energy, allowing one to express themselves honestly and inviting you to speak the truth.

If you find yourself being more reclusive this Virgo season, wear Lapis Lazuli to help you open up and get out of our shell. Lapis Lazuli gives us the courage to express oursleves authentically, which can lead to strengthening friendships and deepening relationships.

Lapis Lazuli is a game charge as we enter into Mercury Retrograde this season, helping us find clarity in situations when you're feeling overwhelmed by sensory input. Lapis can help you see the bigger picture and strengthen the lines of communication during a period when words can get crossed or misrepresented. Wear this stunning blue stone like a shield to guard against psychic attacks while returning negative energy back to it's source.

During the New Moon in Virgo on September 14th, draw on Lapis Lazuli's power to enhance your wisdom and focus to see where you need to call in energy to your life.

For more on the New Moon check out the Important Dates, below.


Peridot is all about creating and making room for good vibes for yourself and those around you. With its varying hues of green, you'll be drawn into its beauty and mesmerized by its natural charm. Energy enhancing, Peridot lets us shine brightly from within, stimulating creativity, and giving us a healthy boost to our intelligence.

Transforming from negative to positive, Peridot can help you sort through and alleviate negative feelings of self image, anger, jealousy and betrayal.

Peridot is the birthstone for our August Virgo friends and brings cosmic blessings for us all. Wearing Peridot can help you clear out mental or emotional blockages so you can be open to receive positivity from others and your environments. This gemstone also promotes compassion, rest and good sleep, and emotional balance.


Important Dates: Mercury Retrograde August 23nd - September 15th Every Mercury retrograde, we hear the same warnings on social media about how this time of year wreaks havoc on people’s lives. In my opinion, that’s a little silly. There is no one size fits all experience for anything. However, some good rules of thumb can help make this time of year smoother. Mercury retrogrades happen about three times a year. Mercury is the planet that rules communication, travel, and our mind and how we process. During these time periods you might run into technical difficulties in these areas. The most critical Mercury retrograde advice is to pay attention. If you have to book a flight during Mercury retrograde that is fine, just double-check your dates and times. Whether this means slowing down, double and triple checking, or both. Re-read that email before you send it, check that you’re only sending it to one person and not the entire company, and make sure you didn’t mistakenly hit the dreaded reply all on a company-wide email. And especially think before you speak in matters of the heart because Venus is still retrograde until September 3. With Mercury in its domicile in Virgo, we have an opportunity to really double-check the details. But not just this mundane day-to-day communications. Review the details of your life. And if they feel too loud, maybe this retrograde period is asking you to take an emotional and mental sabbatical. Turn off the noises inside your head and look for peace and grounding.

Full Moon in Pisces August 30th - Blue Moon This full moon in Pisces is also the second full moon of August, known as a Blue Moon. Blue moons happen every few years, and because they are on the rare-ish side, they hold a little extra magic during any ritual work you do. Whenever the moon is in Pisces we feel all the feelings. It can be a sensitive and dreamy time, but the moon is also conjunct Saturn giving this one a weight of gravity. Get serious about what you’re releasing, calling in, etc. If you’re working with crystals try Citrine to add a dash of luck. New Moon in Virgo September 14 This new moon in Virgo there is some tension between reality and fantasy. Perhaps you’re struggling to tell the difference between the two or maybe you need to help find a way for both to coexist. Bring your thoughts into focus and you could have some major breakthroughs during this new moon. If you’re working with crystals try Lapis Lazuli to ground into your inner knowing.

Stay tuned for the Virgo Collection release on: Friday, September 1st at 10am

Jewelry Photography by Weston Holland Photography

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